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1730M DOOR GASKET (Door Seal)

1730M DOOR GASKET (Door Seal)

Model: TUG001-1360


Guaranteed Quality Tuttnauer Parts

Part #TUG001-1360
OEM Part #02610020



Fits: Door
Model This Part Fits: Tuttnauer 1730M

Tuttnauer Door Gasket Cross-Section View Signs Of A Defective Door Gasket Are Steam Escaping From Around The Outer Perimeter of The Door, and/or Puddles Of Water Collecting On the Counter Under The Door

When this is occuring, the instruments you are trying to process


  • Will Not Be Sterilized Until The Door Gasket Is Replaced

Tuttnauer Recommends Replacing The Door Gasket on The Tuttnauer 1730M Autoclaves At Least Every 12 Months (Every 6 Months For Busy Practices)

Follow The Schedule!

You should not wait for problems to occur before replacing the Door Gasket. This can cause unnecessary wear & tear on other components, leading to more serious (and more expensive) breakdowns

And, as noted above, with the inability to sterilize the instruments necessary for the procedures you perform, you will essentially be "Out Of Business" until a new Door Gasket is installed

"You Should Always Have A Spare Door Gasket On Hand"


Tech Tip: Take the guess work out of knowing when to replace the Door Gasket on your Tuttnauer 1730M Sterilizer. Keep a record of when maintenance procedures are performed and mark the calendar when they are due to be performed again.

Note: It's always a good thing to have a written record of the autoclave maintenance procedures you have performed on-hand during inspections




How To Replace The Tuttnauer 1730M Door Gasket


Replacing The Door Gasket On Your Tuttnauer 1730M is not difficult, and something you, or a member of your staff, can easily acomplish. No Tools Or Special Expertise Are Needed To Complete This Procedure



  1. Remove the old door gasket, by lifting it out of the chamber groove, and discard it
  2. Clean the gasket groove and chamber face ring surface
  3. Install the new gasket (The door gasket has a slight taper as shown in the Cross Section Illustration Above. The wider side is inserted into the door first)
    • Tuttnauer 1730M Gasket Installation Tip #1 - Lubricate gasket with soapy water before inserting into gasket channel

    • Tuttnauer 1730M Gasket Installation Tip #2 - For easy install of the new gasket, use the "star" or "North-South-East-West" method (ie. begin installing the gasket at the top of the door, then the bottom, then the left side, then the right side, and then everything in between making sure that the gasket fits flush without bumps or gaps).







Tuttnauer 1730M Autoclave Repair Made Simple™



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