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Replacing Tuttnauer 2340 Series Heating Elements

Replacing Tuttnauer 2340 Series Heating Elements

Unplug the unit before proceeding

How To Remove & Replace Tuttnauer 2340 Series Heating Elements

Removing The Tuttnauer 2340 Series Heating Element
  1. To remove the heating element, first loosen the bolts that connect the two ends of the element together until the heating element can be rotated easily.
  2. Rotate the element to gain easy access to the wires. Then remove the wires

  3. Tech Tip: When removing (or installing) the heating element wires, always hold the terminal on the element with a pair of pliers while turning the screw. If the terminal itself is allowed to turn, then there is a danger that the internal connection to the element will be broken, rendering the heating element useless.

  4. Finish removing the bolts
  5. With the wires and the bolts removed, rotate the elements until the tabs of the elements pass below the reservoir and tubing. At this point the elements will easily come away from the Chamber.

Installing The New Tuttnauer 2340 Series Heating Element

Tuttnauer Heating Element

When installing the elements the rear most element goes on first, and is positioned as far back on the Chamber as possible. The remaining elements are installed butted up to the element before it. There should be no spaces between the heat pads of the elements.

It is normal for new elements to smoke and smell slightly the first and second time the autoclave is run.
  1. Connect the Heating Element Wires to the new heating element. Insure that the wire terminal is tight
  2. Align the Heating Elements so they are centered properly on the bottom of the chamber.

  3. Starting with the rear most element, tighten the element loosely. Visually center the heating pad with the bottom of the Chamber

    Note: The bolts at the top of the element and the weld seam at the top of the Chamber can not be used for proper centering.

  4. Once the rear element is centered, tighten it down and then align the edge of the next heating pad to the first, tighten it down and continue to move forward.

  5. If the elements are skewed up on the side of Chamber this will cause the elements to work harder trying to drive the heat down to the bottom of the Chamber where the water is. The elements will always try to drive the heat to the bottom of the Chamber where the water is.

    Skewing the elements up on the side of the Chamber will result in the elements constantly overheating and shortening their life span. Tightening the Heating Elements

    The key to properly tightening the heating elements is to watch the tabs at the top of the elements. As long as they remain straight, then tightening the bolts will result in tightening the element.

    When the only the tops of tabs are moving toward each other then you're not tightening the elements any more, you're only deforming the tabs.

    When tightening the elements it is important to make them tight. If the elements are not tightened properly then an air gap will develop between the heating pad and the Chamber. This gap will cause the element to work harder to drive the heat across the air gap into the Chamber.

    This will result in the element constantly over heating and shortening its life span

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