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Model: TUV025-2075

Tutnauer 2540M Mutli-Purpose Valve

When Turning The Knob on The Tuttnauer Multi-purpose Valve Assembly, The Fill & Vent Valves are Opened & Closed Based On Selection - Also Acitvates/De-Activates the Microswitches
Model: Tuttnauer 2540M Autoclave
Product ID: Part #TUV025-2075
Tuttnauer Part #CT810013

Includes Fits: Front panel, right side (as you are facing the autoclave (on newer models, it is on the left side)

Easy To Follow Step-By-Step Instructions Included

The Tuttnauer 2540M Multi-Purpose Valve Assembly is located behind the bottom knob on your autoclave. It is the one with a face plate that is marked "OFF", FILL, STE, EXH).
Tuttnauer 2540M Mulitpurpose Valve - Complete
Tuttnauer 2540M Mulitpurpose Valve - Schematic

(1) 5 out of 5 stars
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Jeniffer Verified Buyer July 01, 2016 Michigan, United States
Wally is just the best!! Saved us the cost of a new autoclave!. Will definetly recommend to anyone looking for the autoclave. I will go back to buy again. Thank you!!
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