Statim 2000

Statim Check Valve

Did you know Scican Recommends the Check Valve on the boiler be replaced every 2 years?
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The Statim Check Valve is a very important safety device, one that is often overlooked until it breaksdown....a very costly problem

The check valve is a one way valve, which allows gas (air) to flow in one direction. When it breaksdown, it looses it ability to control the flow and it ends up flowing in both direections

When this happens, steam is allowed to flow into you air compressor and very quickly ruins it, and the only remededy would be to replace the compressor. The Check Valve accounts for almost 95% of all Statim air compressor breakdowns

There are no warning signals that the air valve is about to go just suddenly does it.

For this reason, Scican (the anufacturer of the Statim Autoclaves) recommends the air valve be routinely replaced every 24 months as a Regular Preventative Maintenance Procedure

They are not hard to replace