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How To Clean Inside The Tuttnauer Chamber

How To Clean Inside The Tuttnauer Chamber

Chamber Maintenance

It is required that the Chamber and internal plumbing of your Tuttnauer Autoclave be cleaned once per week or every 20 to 25 cycles with Chamber Brite or our Private Labeled "Tutt-Clean" autoclave cleaner

Tutt-Clean Autoclave Cleaner has been formulated specifically to be a fast, powerful and easy to use cleaner for use with any steam sterilizer


Guaranteed High Quality Tuttnauer Autoclave Cleaner

NEVER Use Bleach, Steel Wool, a Steel Brush or anything abrasive to scrub or clean the Chamber

If the autoclave is not cleaned regularly dirt and debris will build up and clog the Tubing and Solenoid Valves. This dirt can also be transmitted to the instruments during sterilization, which will result in spots appearing on the freshly sterilized instruments

Frequently these spots are mistaken for rust, but they are only dirt spots

In addition and of great importance is that if a layer of dirt is left on the stainless steel Chamber it will trap moisture against the metal

This condition of moisture trapped against the metal will lead to the Chamber becoming porous and failing

When we work on units with significant dirt & debris build up inside the chamber, we use "Bar Keepers Friend" (available at Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes & most Grocery Stores) to make it look like new again

Guaranteed High Quality Tuttnauer Autoclave Cleaner
Just be sure to remove all of the paste from inside the chamber when finished