How To Install The Chemiclave Metering Valve

How To Install Various Components On The MDT Harvey Chemiclave Series

Metering Valve Installation Instructions

  1. Remove the old valve from the machine.
  2. Install the new valve and splash shield into the machine:

    Important: To keep the Vapo-Steril® Solution away from the insulation covering the heater blanket, all AllClaveParts metering valves are supplied with a splash shield onto which the solution can vent.

    To install the splash shield, see MDS058 SPLASH SHIELD INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS below and follow Steps #3-8.

  3. Run the machine for several cycles with the machine cover off. After these test cycles, replace the machine cover and run another test cycle.
  4. NOTE: You will notice that a few drops of solution will drip from the metering valve when rotating the valve from the fill cycle to the dump cycle. This is caused by a venturi effect as the valve stem rotates. Make sure the splash shield is in place to catch the drips which will eventually evaporate.

    MDS058 Splash Sheild Installation Instructions

    1. Remove the valve from the machine
    2. Remove the old splash shield from the machine
    3. Press the Teflon® tube that is mounted to the chamber through the hole in the splash shield
    4. Connect the metering valve to the Teflon tube
    5. Attach the valve and splash shield to the mounting bracket
    6. For Model 6000 only: When installing the splash shield in a Model 6000 machine, you will note that the condensation tank interferes with the bottom of the splash shield. Since the splash shield is made of a soft aluminum, simply put a slight bend in it so it lays over the condensation tank.
    7. There is a 2-inch section of the yellow absorbent material that extends beyond the shield. Use this extra material to cover the power cord on the bottom of the machine.
    8. Connect the vent line as directed below:

      For Model 6000 only: A 2” piece of 3/16” tubing is supplied. The 1/4” vent line requires a piece of “stepdown” tubing for proper fit.

    9. Connect the reservoir tubing to the metering valve.
    10. Run the machine for a couple of cycles with the machine cover off. After these test cycles, replace the machine cover and run another test cycle widget logo