1730M HEATER ELEMENT (350 Watt)

1730M HEATER ELEMENT (350 Watt)

Model: TUH027-1365



Part #TUH027-1365
Tuttnauer Part #01720001



  • 350W, 120VAC, ~41Ω
  • Includes heater mounting strap and Attaching Hardware (Part #TUH015-1364)
  • Hardware and heater mounting strap are stainless steel

Fits: Chamber
Model(s) This Part Fits:  1730M

Click Here For Step-By-Step Instructions For Replacing Your Tuttnauer 1730M Heating Element


Tech Tip: Be sure your Tuttnauer 1730M Heater Element is defective before replacing it, by performing the following test:

How To Test The Tuttnauer 1730M Heater Element

This test consists of measuring the amount of resistance in the element. To do this, first, turn the Tuttnauer autoclave off and unplug it from the wall


Set your volt/ohm meter on 200 ohms (200 NOT 200k). The ohms range is located within the Omega ( O )(look for this symbol) section of your meter. It is also the area with "k" ranges (ie: 2000k,. 200k, 20K and then 2000, 200).

Place a probe from the volt/ohm meter on each terminal of the 2 terminals on the element (it really doesn't matter which color probe goes where).

For the heating element to be good, it must fall within the resistance range in this table ( between 36.9 and 45.1 ohms ) If your reading is outside of this range, then it is defective and needs to be replaced.
Model Volts Watts Amps Resistance Resistance Range
Tuttnauer 1730M 120v 350 Watts 2.9167 amps ~41.00 Ohms 36.9 ↔ 45.1 ohms




  • When replacing a Heater, a burning smell may be present for several cycles. This is normal and does not indicate any malfunction of the new Heater.

  • Current Heaters offered by AllClaveParts and Tuttnauer are designed to accommodate Safety Thermostats that use 3/16" diameter bulbs.

    When replacing the Heater band that mounts the Safety Thermostats to the Chamber, take a moment to measure the diameter of the Safety Thermostat bulbs.

    If the bulbs are 1/8" diameter (original style), then replace them with the newer style 3/16" diameter bulbs to ensure proper contact to the Chamber and the heater band.

  • Make sure that the bulb for the automatic reset Safety Thermostat is installed in the lower groove of the Heater band, and that the bulb for the manual reset  thermostat is installed in the upper groove.

  • When installing new Heater bands, tighten all bolts evenly until the band is snug against the Chamber. Run the sterilizer through several test cycles and then retighten the hardware to ensure proper fit. Failing to properly tighten Heater Bands can lead to premature failure.


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