Model: RPF644-1626



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This is where the HEPA Filter is located
Part #RPF644-1626
Tuttnauer Part #03140036


  • ~2.5" long
  • Accommodates tubing with ID of 1/4"-3/8"
  • For use with air or gasses only
  • Includes (1 piece) Cable Tie (12" Black) Part #RPT375

Fits: Filter Cover (The Air Filter is located behind the gray cover on the right hand side of the 2340EA Autoclave)

Model This Part Fits: Tuttnauer 2340EA Autoclaves

It is recommended the HEPA Filter be changed annually when the normal Preventative Maintenance is being performed or as needed

This Part is included in the Tuttnauer 2340EA Preventative Maintenance Kit TUK125-5834



How To Troubleshoot The HEPA Filter



The indication that the Air Filter is ready to be changed is that the Dry Cycle is taking longer and longer to completely dry the packs


Is The HEPA Filter Important?


The HEPA Filter is very important!


During the Drying Stage, the Air Pump draws air through the HEPA Filter and pushes the filtered air into the heated chamber to facilitate drying.



During this process, the Sterilization Cycle has been completed, and there is no longer any pressure remaining in the chamber (and the heat drops considerably). So, if the air is not filtered through the HEPA Filter, the sterility of the instruments you just sterilized is compromised.


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