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Why You May No Longer Be Able To Repair Your Vernitron Autoclave

Vernitron Autoclaves were manufactured and distributed to the Medical Industry from 1969 through 1988.

In 1988 AMSCO, now Steris Corporation, entered into an agreement with Vernitron Medical Products Divison to provide service and parts support for Vernitron Steriilizers.

But On June 13, 2002 The Steris Corporation Obsoleted the Vernitron autoclaves, Extending Support until June 2003

The Vernitron Autoclaves have been out of production for more than 23 years now and as a result many replacement parts are no longer available.

The supply of parts to fit the Vernitron Autoclave have been dwindling and the prices for the remaining parts are increasing significantly due to low volume production and technological obsolescence.

What this means to you is that each year, fewer and fewer replacement parts are being offered and costs for those parts still being offered increase steadily

Imagine having to buy a new autoclave costing thousands of dollars because a heating element costing less than a hundred dollars (price as of December 5, 2011) is no longer available

Don't let it happen to you. Stock up on a few of the remaining critical items now before the price goes up, or worse yet, they are no longer available widget logo