M9 & M11 Door Opening Test



Troubleshooting The Midmark M9 or M11 Sterilizer
(Models M9, M9D, M11, M11D)

M9/M11 Door Opening Test

NOTE: This test only applies to units with the newer style PC Boards

  1. Fill chamber with water. (To do this, start any cycle. After chamber has filled with water, the Sterilizing LED will illuminate)
  2. Disconnect Power Cord
  3. Open Door
  4. Press & Hold STOP & POUCHES buttons while plugging in power cord
  5. Press & Release all buttons from left to right across display panel
  6. Close door. (This will activate all relays in the sterilizer in sequence. Pulse solenoid should automatically open door when test cycle is complete)
  7. To rerun test, repeat steps 2 thru 6
  8. To verify proper operation, run a complete cycle when test is complete

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