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Model: CSD083-7886

Guaranteed High Quality Castel/Getinge Replacement Parts

Part #CSD083-7886


Also available: Steam Trap Valve (Part #CST082)

Fits: Steam Trap

Model This Part Fits: Castle Getinge 500 Series

How To Install The Castle / Getinge Replacement Disc

WARNING: Always isolate a steam trap from both the supply line and return line before opening for inspection or repair

  1. Read WARNING above. Inspect and clean strainer. (Note: Dirt and debris can cause trap to malfunction)
  2. Remove the cap (see Figure A - Exploded View of Steam Trap below) by using a monkey wrench or other smooth jaw wrench on the flat sides of the cap only. Do not hammer or use wrench on the insulation cover.
    Service Tip: Do not use a pipe wrench or other rough jaw wrench which can damage the cap and the body seating surfaces
  3. Remove and discard the old valve disc
  4. Clean the trap and the seat surfaces with a cleaning solvent
  5. Inspect the inner and outer seat rings built in to the steam trap body. If there is minimal wear to the seat ring, it can be reconditioned by lapping on a flat surface
    Service Tip: To insure proper function, the total amount of metal removed from the seat ring should not exceed .010 inches
  6. Install new Replacement Disc (Part #CSD083-5936) on valve seat ring with the groove side facing down and the smooth side facing up (See Figure A - Exploded View of Steam Trap and Figure B - Cross Section of Replacement Disc below)
  7. Apply Molykote or other antiseizure compound to the cap threads on the valve body. Be sure not to spread the compound on the disc or the seating surfaces
  8. Using a torque wrench, replace cap with a torque of 70 Foot-Pounds. Note: If a torque wrench is not used, slightly tighten the cap. Turn the steam back on and then tighten the cap until steam leakage has stopped. Excessive torque or steam leakage can result in equipment malfunction and abnormal wear
How To Install the Castle/Gettinge Steam Trap Replacement Disc

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