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Chemiclave 5500 DOOR GASKET (Door Seal)

Chemiclave 5500 DOOR GASKET (Door Seal)


Guaranteed High Quality Chemiclave 5500 Autoclave Parts

Part #MDG013-1517
MDT Harvey Part #280000301

  • 8.500" OD x .210" dia. C/S
Fits: Chamber Door

Model This part Fits Harvey Chemiclave 5500

Note: This Door Gasket Fits The Chemiclave 5500 Only. It Will Not Fit The EC5500 Nor The EM5500 Models

How To Install The Chemiclave 5500 Door Gasket

  1. Remove the old door gasket
  2. Clean the gasket groove and chamber face ring surface
  3. Install The New Gasket
  • For an easy installation of the new gasket, use the "star" or "North-South-East-West" method (ie. begin installing the gasket at the top of the door, then the bottom, then the left side, then the right side, and then eveything in between making sure that the gasket fits flush without bumps or gaps)

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