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Chemiclave 6000 METERING VALVE

Chemiclave 6000 METERING VALVE

Model: MDV016-1546

Guaranteed Quality Chemiclave 6000 Autoclave Repair Parts

Part #MDV016-1546
OEM Part #2-60-0633-03


  • Metering Valve
  • Splash Shield
  • Teflon Tubing
  • Silicone Sleeves
  • and
  • Clamps for easy Installation
  • FREE Service Kits Part #MDK057 for the lifetime of the metering valve
Fits: Chamber
Model This Part Fits: Chemiclave 6000 Autoclave

Click Here For Step-By-Step Chemiclave Metering Valve Installation Instructions

Service Tip

When rotating the control shaft from the "Depressurized" position to the "Pressurized" position, or vise versa, a small amount of solution is forced out through the two vent holes in the outer body of the metering valve.

This is not a problem. It is suppose to do that. In fact, a Splash Shield is included with every AllClaveParts Valve and is designed to absorb the drips.

However, there are times you should be suspicious and here is what to do.

If the machine looses pressure
  • Check the o-rings and tubing for cracks
  • Check for excessive bubbles in the fill tube
  • Then make sure that the operating temperature is below 275°F because the solution will start to boil away at 272°F. (Tip: If there are excessive bubbles in the fill tube, without a pressure leak, this means that the chamber temperature is too high
  • Use the Max Register Thermometer (Part #RPT113) to confirm that the temperature is too high and not a valve problem
  • If you see fluid being pushed through the vent line then check the o-rings
  • If the main reservoir is depleted long before it should be, then check the o-rings

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