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Guaranteed High Quality Midmark M11 Autoclave Repalcement Parts

Part #MIB115-6049
Midmark Part #002-0369-02/015-0646-00 (Cable only)/002-0369-00 (Display PC Board only)

(Test Instructions below)

  • Also available: Display PC Board Gasket (Part # MIG116)
  • Includes: (6) Screws (#6-32 X 3/8) (Part # AIS170)
  • See Notes Below For Serial Numbers This Part Fits

Fits: Top Cover (older style units)

Model(s) This Part Fits: Midmark M11 & M11D Autoclaves

Notes: This Display PC Board Fits Midmark Autoclaves With The Following Serial Numbers:

  • Fits M9-001 thru -019 with Serial # prefixes CZ, DA, DB, DX, DY, FD & OM.
  • Fits M9D-001 thru -019 with Serial # prefixes FF & FG.
  • Fits M11-001 thru -019 with Serial # prefixes ES, ET, FP, FR & GB.
  • Fits M11D-001 thru -019 with Serial # prefixes GC & GD.
"Midmark M11 Autoclave Repair Made Simple"

How To Test Midmark Display Boards

Older Style Midmark (Red Display) Display PC Board Lamp / Display / Button Check

  1. Disconnect power cord from the sterilizer
  2. Press and hold down the LIQUIDS and PACKS buttons simultaneously, while connecting the power cord to the sterilizer (See Image Below)
    Image is of the Older Red Display Midmark Autoclaves
    Release the LIQUIDS and PACKS buttons
  3. Observe the display PC board lamps. In a left to right sequence, each lamp on the display PC board should individually illuminate and then extinguish. If all the display PC board lamps do not illuminate and then extinguish, replace display PC board
  4. Press and release the UNWRAPPED, POUCHES, LIQUIDS, PACKS, START, STOP, AND ON/STANDBY buttons one at a time and in this order
  5. Observe the lamps that correspond with each button. If all lamps do not illuminate and stay illuminated when their corresponding button is pressed, replace the display PC board
  6. Observe the pressure and temperature/time displays. If the pressure and temperature/time displays do not display pressure and temperature readings, replace the display PC board
  7. Disconnect power cord from the sterilizer

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