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Testing The Kavoklave Heating Element


Testing The Kavoklave Heating Element

Testing The Heating Element Consists Of Simply Measuring The Resistance of the Element. To perform this test, you will need an Ohm Meter, nothing fancy or expensive. You can buy a cheap (but good) meter from Lowes, Home Depot or even Walmart for around $20.00 (a digital readout is easiest to work with)

How To Test The Kavoklave Autoclave Heating Element

To gain access to the heating element terminals for testing, you will need to remove the cover on the bottom of the unit. Simply folow the instructions below

Remove The Bottom Cover Plate

  1. Remove the 3 screws as shown in the picture above
  2. Carefully, pull the plate out enough to give you access to the inside - Do not disconnect the wires from the board connectd to the plate
  3. Place the probes from your ohm meter to the Heating Element Terminals (not the wires) shown in the picture below
  4. The Heating Element For The 120v Model is Rated at 12 ohms. Your reading should be within 10% (Between 10.8 ohms & 13.2 ohms) For The Element To Be Good
  5. The Heating Element For The 230v Model is Rated at 42 ohms. Your reading should be within 10% (Between 37.8 ohms & 46.2 ohms)
Place Probes On Terminals

The Heating Element on The Kavoklave Autoclave is built into the body. And cannot be replaced. So, if it is defective, you will need to purchase the Kavoklave Body Kit. Click Here for the 120V Model (Part Number KVK016-4102) or Click Here for the 230V Model (Part Number KVK015-4103)