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Magnaclave Door Interlock System Diagram

Magnaclave Door Interlock System Diagram

Magnaclave Door Locking Mechanism
Parts Listing & Diagram

If your Autoclave Repair is Dealing With The Locking Mechanism on a Magnaclave Autoclave, the Drawing Shown Below Will Help Guide You Through The Repair

Magnaclave Door Locking System Graphic
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Please note, items in the AllClaveParts Part Number Column Marked "N/A" are Special Order Items. A minimum purchase is required

Item Number Pelton Crane Part Number AllClaveParts Part Number Description
1 004574 N/A Door Lock Stop
2 54 73 009 N/A Door Lock Stop Pin
3 004525 PCS239-5868 Door Interlock Spring
4 54 73 041 PCK236-5869 Door Latch Interlock Solenoid Kit
5 004616 N/A Rear Spring Pin
6 004615 Not Applicable Rear Main Door Lock Pin
7 004766 Not Applicable Door Lock Shaft Bracket
8 004605 N/A Door Lock Lever
9 004043 PCH077-6692 Handle
10 004645 N/A Door Lock Cam Pin
11 004628 N/A Cam Pin
12 004574 N/A Door Lock Stop
13 004608 N/A Door Lock Stop Linkage Pin
14 004568 N/A Door Lock Cam Linkage
15 004571 N/A Door Lock Cam
16 004781 N/A Spring Arm Assembly