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Troubleshooting The Magnaclave

Troubleshooting The Magnaclave

Your Guide To Maintaining & Repairing The Pelton Crane Magnaclave Sterilizers

Problem Cause Corrective Action
Pressure & Temperature Overriding Preset Level a) Pressure Switch Adjust or Replace (Part #PCS087D)
b) Wall Thermostat b) Replace If Defective (Part #PCT082D)
c) Reservoir Filter stopped up and cannot bleed air from chamber. c) Clean or Replace Reservoir Filter (Part #PCK226D)
d) Bellows defective and cannot bleed air from chamber d) Replace Bellows (Part #PCB001D)
Will Not Build Temperature or Pressure a) Insufficient water in chamber (not level-SLIGHTLY lower in front) a) Level Sterilizer
b) Air Valve Leaking b) Clean Air Valve Housing to remove debris and/or Replace Bellows (Part #PCB001D)
c) Defective Overheat Thermostat Switch c) Replace Overheat Thermostat Switch (Part #PCT197D)
d) Defective Temperature or Pressure Gauge d) Replace Temperature Gauge (Part #PCG079D) or Pressure Gauge (Part #PCG040D)
e) Faulty Function Switch e) Replace Function Switch (Part #PCS043D)
f) Door Interlock Not Closing f) Replace Door Interlock Switch (Part #PCS087D)
g)Defective Main Heater Strip g)Replace Main Heater Strip
h) Main Valve Leaking h) Rebuild Main Valve With Main Valve Kit (Part #PCK026D)
Takes Too Long To Build Temperature or Pressure a) Load too large a) Reduce Load Contents
b) Defective Wall Thermostat b) Replace Wall Thermostat (Part #PCT082D)
c) Air valve leaking excessively c) Replace Bellows (Part #PCB001D) and Air Valve O-ring (Part #RP0354D)
d) Incorrect Line Voltage d) Check Line Voltage (208v or 220v)
e) Overheat Thermostat set too low e) Adjust Overheat Thermostat
f) Heater Faulty f) Replace Main Heater Strip
Scorching Packs a) Insufficient Water In Chamber a) Fill Chamber to Recommended Level
b) Packs Touching Chamber Wall b) Rearrange Packs So They Are Not Touching Chamber Wall
c) 1. Wall thermostat not cutting power to wall heaters 2. Leaving Unit On After Buzzer Sounds
3. Wall Thermostat Defective
c) 1. Check To Make Sure Thermostat is Touching Wall
2. Turn Unit Off When Buzzer Sounds
3. Replace Wall Thermostat (Part #PCT082D)
Does Not Dry Packs a) Chamber Not Level a) Level Sterilizer
b) Filter Not Touching Bottom Of Chamber b) Turn Filter Until It Is Touching the Bottom Of The Chamber
c) Chamber Over Loaded or Packs Packed Too Tightly c) Remove part of load, redistribute packs so steam can circulate
d) Failure To Crack Door At the End Of Cycle 1 d) Open Door Slightly at end of Cycle 1
Door Gasket Falls Out Of Chamber a) Defective Door Gasket a) Replace Door Gasket (Part #PCG019D)
b) Opening Door With Pressure On It b) Wait Until All Pressure Has Evacuated Before Opening Door
Door Locking Ring Closes Hard a) Rear guide pin on clamp ring out of the slot a) Re-inset Rear Guide pin into slot
b) Galling Between Lock Ring & Door b) Smooth Burs With Oil Stone
c) Worn hinge Pin Bushings c) Replace Hinge Pin Bushings
Heat On Light Not On when Turned to Sterilize a) Door locking pin not engaged a) 1. Pin Not Fully Closed
2. Pin Mechanism Binding 3. Solenoid Locking Switch Our Of Adjustment
Fills To Slowly a) Diry Filter a) Clean/Replace Fill Line Filter (Part #PCF009D)
b) Insufficient Water In Reservoir b) Fill Reservoir to Fill Line With Distilled Water Only
c) Debris In Main Valve Block c) Clean Main Valve
Vents To Slowly a) Clogged Filter In Reservoir a) Clean/Replace Filter (Part #PCK226D)
b) Unit Not Level b) Adjust Legs To Level As Needed
c) Chamber Filter Not In Place c) Make Sure Fileter Is Touching Bottom Of Chamber
d) Faulty Valve d) Rebuild Valve with Main Valve Kit (Part #PCK026D)
Door Will Not Open a) Must have power to unit for solenoid to work a) Be sure Unit is Turned On and There Is Power To The Unit
b) Door Open Button Stuck b) Free Up Button/Replace Door Open Switch (Part #PCS086D)
c) Solenoid Jammed Or Broken c) Replace Solenoid
d) 1 Pound Pressure Switch Defective d) Replace 1 Pound Pressure Switch (Part #PCS087D)
e) Door locking mechanism pin sheared or missing e) Replace Locking Mechanism Pin
f) Pressure In Chamber f) Try Opening Door Again After All Pressure Has Been Relieved
Timer Does Not Run a) Defective Timer a) Replace Timer (Part #PCT081D)
b) Defective Latching Relay b) Replace Latching Relay (Part #PCR196D)
c) Defective Pressure Switch c) Replace Pressure Switch (Part #PCS049D)
d) Unit Has Not Reached Pressure d) Allow Unit To reach Pressure
Buzzer Does Not Sound a) Defective Buzzer a) Replace Buzzer (Part #PCB088D)
b) Defective Timer b) Replace Timer (Part #PCT081D)
c) Defective Latching Relay e) Replace Latching Relay (Part #PCR196D)
Additional Notes

  1. To check main electric relay:
    Unplug red wire on bottom of main valve power switch and plug it on relay coil at white wire connection (disconnect white wire)

  2. Light should be on in the following sequence:
    Power Off Position - no lights
    Fill Position-power on and open door lights on
    Vent Position-power on and door light on
    Sterilize Position-power on and (with door closed-handle down) heat light on.
    At end of cycle when timer times out, buzzer sounds and sterilizer light comes on.

  3. Check relay, timer, and buzzer:
    Activate pressure switch relay should click in; timer starts; turn timer to zero buzzer should sound. To check pressure switch when switch is not engaged ; across common and normal closed will have continuity; across common to normal open with switch engaged will show continuity