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Midmark M11D Ultraclave DOOR SWITCH ASSEMBLY

Midmark M11D Ultraclave DOOR SWITCH ASSEMBLY

Model: MIS039-7464


High Quality Midmark M11D Autoclave Repair Parts

Part #MIS039-7464
Midmark Part #002-0362-00


  • See Notes below for Serial Numbers this part fits
  • Includes door switch and 2 roll pins (3/32" dia. x 1/2" long)

Fits: Switch Weldment

Model This Part Fits: Midmark M11D Autoclaves

Notes: This part fits Midmark M11D Autoclaves Models M11D-001 & -019 with prefixes GC & GD



How To Replace The Midmark M11D Autoclave Door Switch


How To Remove The Midmark M11D Autoclave Door Switch

NOTE: Units prior to serial number CZ1110/OM1000 have a different switch weldment. Since this procedure tampers with the pressure vessel integrity, it should not be attempted until a Midmark service representative has been contacted.

  1. Open sterilizer door
  2. Remove right hand side panel See Instructions Here
  3. Disconnect wire harness (1) from connector (2)
  4. Using 3/32 in. punch (avaialble at any hardware store), remove two roll pins (3) from door switch bracket (4)
  5. Remove door switch (5) from door switch bracket (4)

How To Install The Midmark M11D Autoclave Door Switch
  1. Position door switch (5) in door switch bracket (4)
  2. Using 3/32 in. punch, install two roll pins (3) in door switch bracket (4)
  3. Connect wire harness (1) to connector (2)
  4. Install right hand side panel (See Instructions Here)
  5. Close sterilizer door



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