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High Quality Midmark M9 Autoclave Repair Parts

Part #MIK072-1205
Midmark Part #002-0361-00 (Door & Dam Gasket Only)


Includes Model This Part Fits: Midmark M9 Autoclave

So, where's the wire?

The original Midmark Door Gaskets require a wire to hold them in place, ours do not, Because they are not needed with our New & Improved Midmark M9 Door Gaskets!

When you order one of ours, you can throw the wire away (using the wire on one of our door gaskets will cause a leak). All you need is our Door Gasket

Installation Instructions

How To Replace The Midmark M9 Door Gasket MIG027-1196
  1. Remove the old door gasket
  2. Clean the gasket groove in the door, and the chamber face
  3. For easy installation of the new gasket,use the "South-East-West-North" method (i.e. begin installing the gasket at the bottom of the door, then install the left and right sides and finishing at the top by squeezing in any of the excess making sure that the gasket fits flush)
How To Replace The Midmark M9 Dam Gasket MIG035-1197

Use CAUTION when removing or installing the dam gasket, the door studs can be sharp.
  1. To install the door dam, align and place the dam gasket on and over the door studs. The dam must lie flat against the door (refer to the Installation Instructions included with the MIG035-1197 dam gasket)

Depending on the age of the machine, you will need to replace either the sintered bronze style Chamber Filter (MIF038-1193) or both the mesh style Chamber (Fill & Vent) Filters (MIF062-1195). See below for instructions.

How To Replace The Midmark M9D Sintered Bronze Style Filter MIF038-1193

If The Midmark M9 Autoclave has only a Chamber Filter:
  1. Remove all trays and the rack from the chamber
  2. Clean chamber then remove the old chamber filter
  3. Install the new filter
  4. Reinstall rack and trays
How To Replace The Midmark M9D Fill & Vent Filters (Mesh Style Filters) MIF062-1195

If the Midmark M9 has both a Chamber and a Vent Filter:
  1. Remove all trays and the rack from the chamber
  2. Clean the chamber, then remove the chamber filter
  3. Install the new filter. You must also replace the Vent Filter that serves as a filter for the steam trap/bellows and is located in the vent line to the tee fitting
  4. Reinstall rack and trays
How To Replace The Door Spring MIS076-1218
  1. Remove the old spring
  2. Reuse the screw to install the two new door springs, one on top of the other. This will aid in the door opening
After replacing the Midmark M9 Preventative Maintenance parts, check the reservoir and clean if dirt or debris are present. (Note: Debris is the number one reason for Steam Trap/Bellows failure.)
  • Refill reservoir with distilled water only
  • Conduct a temperature check using a Max Register Thermometer (Part #RPT113-1239)
  • Conduct a pressure check to identify any leaks that may need to be addressed
  • If calibration is necessary, use the Pressure Gauge (Part #RPG461-1234) and the Trim Pot Tool (Part #RPT460-1245)
Model This Part Fits: Midmark M9 Autoclavea

"Midmark M9 Autoclave Repair Made Simple™"

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Customer Reviews

AllClaveParts.com - Real Help With Your Autoclave Repair When You Need It

"My Statim 2000 stopped working.

Benco dental came down and said the thermal fuse and computer board was bad

Real Problems Solved By Dr Gorenburg With AllClaveParts help

Wally, thank you and your company for providing great customer service and all the help I needed to fix my autoclave.
Clearview Medical.com

Dr Haruki & Son

My tech told me my STATIM 2000 repair could either be about $350 (if it was only the thermal fuse) or up to $1500 if it was another problem.

Craig Haruki DDS
Lihue, HI

Dr Whitehouse Loves AllClaveParts.com
"It was a pleasure working with Wally who saved me thousands over what I would have had to pay when the Patterson tech......"

Dr Joseph Whitehouse
Castro Valley, CA
Create A Smile

Dr Steve Says Midmark Told Him To Throw It Away, But AllClaveParts Showed Him How To Fix It Well, that same autoclave is once again working like a champ thanks to allclaveparts.com.

Steve Douglas, DDS
Indianapolis, IN

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