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Midmark M9D OVERTEMP THERMOSTAT (Automatic Reset)

Midmark M9D OVERTEMP THERMOSTAT (Automatic Reset)

Model: MIT047-7378


High Quality Midmark M9D Autoclave Repair Parts

Part #MIT047-7378
OEM Part #002-0370-00


  • Opens @ 295 ±7°F Temp Rise; Closes @ 240 ±12°F
  • Automatic reset
  • See Notes below for Serial #'s this part fits

Fits: Bracket that mounts to under side of chamber

Model This Part Fits: Midmark M9D Autoclaves

Notes: M9D Serial #'s -001 thru -019 with prefixes FF & FG;

Thermostat Replacement Instructions



Midmark M9D AccessPanel



  1. Disconnect power cord from outlet.
  2. Drain water from condensing tank.
  3. Turn sterilizer onto its back
  4. Using a Phillips Screwdrivet, Remove The Base Inspection Panel By Turning The Screw Holding It In Place Counter-Clockwise
  5. Loosen the nuts on the two stems from the heating element until the mounting bracket is loose
  6. Disconnect the 2 wires connected to the thermostat
  7. Rotate the thermostat until one of the "ears" is turned towards the opening and slide it out



M9 Thermostat Installation Instructions


Reverse the procedures above to reinstall





"Midmark M9D Autoclave Repair Made Simple™"

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