Stryker 840 Cast Cutter ARMATURE ASSEMBLY

Stryker 840 Cast Cutter ARMATURE ASSEMBLY

Model: STA026-6116

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Part #STA026-6116
Stryker Part #870-1-8


  • 115 VAC
  • 24 Commutator Bars*

Model This Part Fits: Stryker 840 Cast Cutter

*Why is knowing the number of Commutator Bars Important?

Because you will need to know this for our exclusive "How To Repair the Stryker 840 Cast Cutter Cutter "Series - Coming Soon

You Don't Want To Miss It!

Stryker Cast Cutter Exploded View

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Two Components Create the Motor Assembly of the Cast Cutter. The Armature and the Field Assembly. The Armature Part #STA026-6116 is an assembly unit, is shaft like and fits through the Field Assembly. The Field Assembly Part #STF027-6124 is mounted in the rear housing of the cast cutter.

The back end of the Armature, ending with the Rear Bearing Part #STB005-6120, is mounted into the rear housing, with the Field Assembly Surrounding it...while the rest of the armature is insterted into the main body ending at the head


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