Replacing The Validator Plus Series Water Reservoir Filter

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How To Install The Water Reservoir Filter On Validator Plus Series Autoclaves

Replacing the Filter in the Pelton Crane Validator Plus 8 & Validator Plus 10 Autoclaves is Easy, Once You know How

Just Follow These Simple Steps
  1. Unplug the Autoclave From the Wall
  2. Drain the Water Reservoir
  3. Remove the Autoclave Cabinet
  4. Locate & Remove the Square Lid From The Water Reservoir
  5. Locate the Old Filter by Looking Inside The Water Reservoir as Shown in the Picture is Setting on a Small Shelf
  6. Grab the Filter Inside The Water Reservoir and Unscrew it by Turning it Counterclockwise (to Your Left)
  7. Remove the Old Filter and Make Sure to Locate and Remove the Old Black O-ring

How To Install The New Water Reservoir Filter On Pelton Crane Validator Plus Autoclaves

To Install The New Reservoir Filter:
  1. Insert the New O-ring into the Bottom of the New Filter and Screw it on to the Exposed Threads (turn clockwise) from the "Fill Tank" (Shown Above) Until fully seated
  2. Replace the Square Lid on the Reservoir
  3. Reinstall the Cabinet

Your Done....Now Put It Back To Work!

To Order Replacement Water Reservoir Filters For Your Validator Plus Autoclave:
  • Click Here for The Validator Plus 10 Part Number PCK167-657, or
  • Click Here For the Validator Plus 8 Part Number PCK167-467 widget logo