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Guaranteed Quality Pelton Crane OCM Autoclave Repair Parts

Part #PCS043-050
OEM Part #004079

  • 20A @ 125-250VAC, 50/60HZ, 1HP @ 125VAC; 2HP @ 250VAC
  • Mounts to bracket in main valve assembly
NOTE: The manufacturer of this switch has discontinued making them for Pelton Crane. So, the switch we offer here is a high quality after-market unit and is the only type still available. (The Manufacturer is the same one who originally made the switches for the Pelton Crane OCM

The only problem with them is they will have to be turned upside down to install properly. This is not a problem, but you may have to cut a cable tie to get the existing wire to reach

Model This Part Fits: Pelton Crane OCM Autoclave
Click Here To View Locations On Main Valve Assembly

How To Test The Pelton Crane OCM Autoclave Function Switch

The function switch is connected to the "Power On Light" The ""Heat On Light and The Over Temperature Thermostat (which in turn leads to the Main Heating Element (Bottom Heating Element).

The Pelton Crane Function Switch responds to the turning of the Control Knob (the knob on the bottom marked: Fill/Sterilize/Vent/Off)

When one of the positiions are selected with the control knob, the switch is turned either Off or On (like a light switch).

The Function Switch is located behind the bottom knob on the sterilizer. To Get to it for testing, you will have to remove the cabinet. Once the cabinet is removed you will notice three brown (or black) switches seemingly connected together.

The switch closest to the rear of the sterilizer is the Function Switch (it has 2 spaded terminals on the bottom and one on top).

Indications of a faulty function switch would be problems with the temperature, and/or the "Power" Light, and/or the "Heat On" light

To test the Function Switch, you will need a volt/ohm meter and a standard screwdriver (to remove the cabinet)

WARNING: Before Proceeding, Turn The Unit Off & Unplug It From The Wall. Current Must Not Be Present When Performing This Test

PCS043loc (4K)

Set Your Volt/Ohm Meter to 20k Ohms. This setting is in the range with the Omega Symbol In this test, it doesn't matter which color lead from your ohm meter you use to touch the terminals. If readings are any other than described below, the switch is faulty & needs to be replaced.

Control Knob Positiion Function Switch Setting Valve Activated Probe Placement Reading
Off Off None Terminals 1 & 3 Digital Meter: 1 (Infinity)
Analog Meter: Infinity (Needle Stays To Left)
Off Off None Terminals 1 & 2 Digital Meter: 0
Analog Meter: 0 (Needle Goes All The Way To The Right)
Fill On Fill Terminals 1 & 3 Digital Meter: 0
Analog Meter: 0 (Needle Goes All The Way To The Right)
Fill On Fill Terminals 1 & 2 Digital Meter: 1
Analog Meter: Infinity (Needle Stays To Left)
Sterilize On None Terminals 1 & 3 Diigital Meter: 0
Analog Meter: 0 (Needle Goes All The Way To The Right)
Sterilize On None Terminals 1 & 2 Diigital Meter: 1
Analog Meter: Infinity (Needle Stays To Left)
Vent On Vent Terminals 1 & 3 Diigital Meter: 0
Analog Meter: (Needle Goes All The Way To The Right)
Vent On Vent Terminals 1 & 2 Diigital Meter: 1
Analog Meter: Infinity (Needle Stays To Left)

How The Pelton Crane OCM Function Switch Works

The control knob opens and closes the fill and vent valves, in response to the operation selected and in turn, affects the state of the Function Switch.

Notice the long bar on the chamber side of the function switch and the button underneath it. The button is a push button. When the control knob is turned, the bar either depresses the button (turning it on) or releases it (turning it off)

"Pelton Crane OCM Autoclave Repair Made Simple™"

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Wally, thank you and your company for providing great customer service and all the help I needed to fix my autoclave.
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