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Model: PCC112-015

Guaranteed Quality Pelton Crane OCM Autoclave Repair Parts

Part #PCC112-015
OEM Part #004144

  • Includes all parts as shown
  • Used with Solid State Controller
  • 20 K ohms
  • Instructions For Testing Your Temperature Controller Below
Fits: Control panel

Model This Part Fits: Pelton Crane OCM Autoclave

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Look At The Back Of Your OCM, If it doesn't have the Solid State Controller Shown In Th Picture Below, You Have A Hydro-static Unit & This Temperature Controller Will Not Work With Your Autoclave In It's Current State.

Pelton Crane Solid State Controller

These types of units are early Pelton Crane models and were replaced when Solid State Circuity became practical, making the autoclaves much more efficient

To fix your OCM if you have a problem with the Thermistor Or Temperature Controller, your unit will need to be upgraded with our Thermostat Conversion Kit. It includes all of the parts you will need

How To Test The Temperature Controller

This test consists of measuring the amount of resistance in the controller. To do this, first, turn the autoclave off and unplug it from the wall


Testing the Temperature Controller is a simple procedure.
  1. With the cabinet removed, look behind (on the inside) of the middle knob to find the controller.
  2. Set your Volt/Ohm Meter to 200k in the ohms section (indicated by the omega symbol)
  3. Place a probe on each of the two outside terminals (There are 3 terminals that stand off the controller as shown in the picture above) Reading should be 20k ohms
  4. Now place a probe on one of the outside terminals and one probe on the center terminal. Reading should be 10K.
  5. Rotate the knob counterclockwise as far as it will go. The meter should approach 0 on all configurations as above
If your readings are as above, the Temperature Controller is good. If they are outside of this range, the Temperature Controller is bad and needs to be replaced.

Your Done! (See, we told you it was simple!)

Don't Like To Solder Wire Connections?

The insulation around your wiring does deteriorate over time, and can cause electrical shorts and other problems

Give your wiring & Temperature Controller a fresh start at the same time - No Soldering Needed - Order the OCM Wiring Harness Part #PCH186-032 (OEM Part #019155) for only a few dollars more. It includes new wiring & the controller with all of the connections pre-soldered and quick connects installed.

"Pelton Crane OCM Autoclave Repair Made Simple™"

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