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Model: PCK216-165


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Part #PCK216-165
Pelton Crane Part #004497/PM KIT



Model This Part Fits: Pelton Crane Magnaclave

Detailed, Easy To Follow Step-By-Step Instructions Included

Tech Tip: Keep Your Magnaclave Working Like New. Follow Pelton Crane Recommendations and Replace All Parts Included In This Kit At Least Every 12 Months (6 Months If Heavy Use)



Magnaclave Preventative Maintenance Checklist &Installation Instructions



Part Number Description Sterilizer Preventative Maintenance Tip
Part # PCG019-277 Door Gasket Remove the old door gasket. Clean the gasket groove and chamber face ring surface.
For easy install of the new gasket, use the "star" or "North-South-East-West" method (ie. begin installing the gasket at the top of the door, then the bottom, then the left side, then the right side, and then eveything in between making sure that the gasket fits flush without bumps or gaps).

See The Frequently Asked Questions Below
Part # PCB001-272

Part # RPO354-308

Remove the side cover to access the bellows
cap. Unscrew the bellows cap.

Clean out air valve housing. Use a cotton swab to
clean the seat. Install the new bellows with the new o-ring: do not overtighten the bellows cap.
Part # PCF009-276 Filter Fill Line (Chamber) Remove all trays from the chamber. Remove the chamber filter. Clean chamber.

Install new filter making sure that the it is placed at the bottom and center of the chamber.
Part # PCK226-286 Water Reservoir Filter Kit Drain and clean the reservoir if necessary
when removing the old reservoir filter.

When installing the new filter be sure to
secure it to the condensation coil. Refill
with distilled water only.
  Magnaclave Sterilizer After replacing the parts included in this kit:
  1. Conduct a temperature check using a Max Register Thermometer (Part #RPT113)
  2. Conduct a pressure check to identify any leaks that may need to be addressed

Most Commonly Asked Questions About the Door Gasket

Q. Sometimes when the door is opened, the gasket pulls out of the chamber groove. Is the gasket defective?

A. No, the door gasket is not defective. During normal use of the autoclave, a small amount of residue can build up on the door itself.

If left unattended it can build up enough to stick to the rubber door gasket and pull on the gasket as the

By simply cleaning the stainless steel door with a non-detergent cleaner and a non-abrasive cloth once a week, the gasket will stay where it belongs

Q. Is there a certain way the door gaskets should be cleaned?

A. Yes and it is very simple. First, remove the gasket from the machine and wipe it clean with warm water and a non-abrasive cloth.

Before installing the gasket, check its integrity for any deformities. Use a clean non-abrasive cloth to clean the groove in the chamber where the gasket fits into.
Reinstall the gasket.

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