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Model: PCK223-170


Guaranteed Quality Pelton Crane Autoclave Repair Parts

Part #PCK223-170
Pelton Crane Part #1539407 (Gasket only)



  • Includes: See Notes
  • All parts are also sold separately
  • For annual PM of sterilizer or as needed


Notes: Includes:

Model This Part Fits: Pelton Crane Delta 10 Autoclave



Preventative Maintenance Checklist
& Installation Instructions
Sterilizer PM Kit (Part #PCK223-170)
Delta 10" (AF) Sterilizer Preventative Maintenance Kit
Part Number Description Sterilizer Preventative Maintenance Tip
PART # PCG066-1265 Door Gasket Remove the old door gasket. Clean the gasket groove and chamber face ring surface.

For easy install of the new gasket, use the "star" or "North-South-East-West" method (ie. begin installing the gasket at the top of the door, then the bottom, then the left side, then the right side, and then eveything in between making sure that the gasket fits flush without bumps or gaps).
PART # PCS067-262 Spacer (Door) Take CAUTION when removing or installing the door spacer: the doors tabs can be sharp.

To install door spacer, place the spacer on and over the door tabs. The spacer MUST lie flat against the door.
PART # PCF009-251 Filter Fill Line (Chamber) Remove all trays from the chamber. Remove the chamber filter. Clean chamber.

Install new filter making sure that the it is placed at the bottom and center of the chamber.
PART # PCK167-254 Reservoir Filter Kit Remove the sterilizer cover, drain and clean the reservoir if necessary when removing the old reservoir filter.

Be sure to install the new o-ring when installing the new filter. Refill with distilled water only.
  Delta AF Sterilizer After replacing the PM parts:
  1. Conduct a temperature check using a Max Register Thermometer (Part #RPT113)

  2. Conduct a pressure check to identify any leaks that may need to be addressed.


(1) 5 out of 5 stars
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Heinz Verified Buyer February 22, 2018 California, United States
A+ Service. Helpful and quick customer service. Will definetly recommend to anyone looking for the autoclave. I will go back to buy again. Thank you!!
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