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Kavoklave DOOR (LID) GASKET (LID Seal)

Kavoklave DOOR (LID) GASKET (LID Seal)

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Model: KVG001-4114


Factory Original Kavoklave Parts

Part #KVG001-4114
Kavoklave Part #219500, 900-1515


  • 9.66" OD

Model This Part Fits: Kavoklave Autoclave



This is a Genuine Prestige Medical Extended Life Green Sealing Gasket


As is all of our Kavoklave Autoclave parts, this Genuine Kavoklave Sealing Gasket is Factory OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) and is fully guaranteed. It is only suitable for use with Kavoklave Autoclave Series 2100 Autoclaves From Serial Number AE01001 Onwards, Manufactured on or after April 1, 1992





How To Install Your New Kavoklave Autoclave Sealing Gasket


You can easily install your new Kavoklave Sealing Gasket by following these simple instructions



  • Remove The Old Gasket From The Lid Flanges
  • Insert Gasket Into Gasket Offset Device Area First
  • Tuck Evenly Under All Lugs Until Gasket Is Fully Seated (The Kavoclave Autoclave Sealing Gasket may appear slightly "wrinkled" until used)

Note: No lubrication is required for the gasket.



Care & Maintenance Of Your Genuine Kavoklave Sealing Gasket


It is essential that you carry out the following simple procedures on a weekly basis in order to get the best use & longest life out of your new Kavoklave Sealing Gasket



  1. Remove the gasket from inside the lid and wash with warm, soapy water
  2. Rinse thoroughly, do not dry, use wet
  3. Replace in lid as follows: Insert gasket into Gasket Offest Device area first. Tuck evenly under all lugs until gasket is sealed It may appear "wrinkled" until used
  4. Never stretch, distort or fold gasket
  5. Never use any abrasive cleaning materials or lubricants
  6. Replace the gasket when it begins to show signs of leakage
  7. Should a new gasket leak, or a persistent leak develop, clean both the lid and body sealing surfaces with a "Scotchbrite" scrubbing pad (Work gently around surfaces - do not remove any metal - clean only). Rinse thoroughly but do not dry sealing surfaces. Do not use "Scotchbrite" pads inside the Kavoklave autoclave body
Kavoklave Autoclave Repair Made Simple ™
(2) 4.5 out of 5 stars
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Randall Verified Buyer September 25, 2017 Florida, United States
This company is great to do business with. Their customer service is wonderful. I received my proof super fast and my order shipped just as fast. Will definetly recommend to anyone looking for the autoclave. I will go back to buy again. Thank you!!
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keith Verified Buyer May 26, 2017 Connecticut, United States
My customer service representative was attentive and very responsive. Will definetly recommend to anyone looking for the autoclave. I will go back to buy again. Thank you!!
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