Statim Troubleshooting - What You Need To Know First

Troubleshooting The Statim Autoclave: What You Need To Know First

(Note: Error Codes that are not currently used by SciCan are listed as "Not Currently In Use" or not listed here.)

The key to STATIM error codes is to first identify which model you are servicing because the terms used in the error codes and operation messages may differ between the earlier and later models.

Earlier Models Statim 2000 Model 101102 Serial Number ends with an "A"
Later Models Statim 2000 Model 121101
Later Models Statim 5000 Model 01-201103

It is important to know the software revision your STATIM is running in order to properly troubleshoot and use these error codes.

At power ON, the display will read: STATIM 2000 S201R501

This display will report whether you have a model 2000 or 5000 and shows the autoclave software revision level. The revision level in this example shows REV. "501". This will only be displayed for 5 seconds. Then it will switch to "Select a Cycle"

STATIM autoclaves manufactured from 1990 to 1994 may display "select a program" and the software revision may not be shown

At the start up of the sterilization process, the earlier models display the operation message "Select Program" in the LCD display panel, while the later models display "Select A Cycle"

Both messages, while different, actually mean the same thing - the user is being asked to select which of the three cycles to begin.

Error codes and operation messages indicated on the LCD panel differ on the earlier models versus the later models.

The earlier models display the phrase "Check Cassette" followed by a number 1-8, while the later models display "Cycle Fault" followed by a number 1-27.

With both the earlier and later models, each number represents a different type of error. (Note: Not all numbers are used, so only those numbers that are used will be addressed here.)

In addition to error codes, an operation message may also appear on the LCD display for both the earlier and later models.

Error codes and messages help to troubleshoot the exact cause of the problem. In addition, the system on both the earlier and later models is designed to abort when an error occurs.

During the sterilization process, there are six stages that the machine goes through from start to finish and the LCD displays each stage number as it occurs during the process.

Stage Number Sterilization Phase Process
Stage #1 Warming Up During this stage, the distilled water heats up from room temperature to 95°C in the steam generator/ boiler. The water is actually pumped from the reservoir and then heated in the steam generator/boiler
Stage #2 Conditioning After the initial warming stage, the steam is injected into the cassette; the steam temperature continues to rise from 95 ° C. The vent solenoid will open and close several times to maintain proper cassette steam temperature, expelling steam/air into the condenser waste bottle
Stage #3 Pressurizing The pressure increases as the cassette temperature rises to the factory set temperatures for the "Unwrapped", "Wrapped" and "Rubber & Plastic" cycles. The vent solenoid will open and close several times to maintain proper cassette steam temperature, expelling steam and/or air into the condenser waste bottle
Stage #4 Sterilization The temperature and pressure is maintained for the chosen cycle. Air/steam is being purged from the cassette as the vent solenoid valve opens and closes several times to maintain optimum temperature. The pump continues to pump distilled water into the steam generator/boiler which in turn pumps saturated steam into the cassette. The condenser waste bottle collects and allows the steam to cool down safely.
Stage #5 Venting The sterilization cycle is completed and the vent solenoid valve opens to: 1) allow the pressure in the cassette to depressurize via the exhaust path into the condenser waste bottle; and, 2) allow the steam to cool down safely
Stage #6 Drying The air compressor forces air through the heated steam generator/boiler into the cassette, therefore drying the instruments. The drying cycle will run for 60 minutes or until interrupted by pressing the Stop button. Keep in mind that when the Stop button is pressed, the following message is displayed: "Please Wait - Cycle Complete." Remove cassette only when the message displays: "Remove Cassette Cycle Complete." Note: There are no error codes applicable to this stage

The following sections describe each LCD error code or message that might appear during any of the six sterilization stages. In addition, we includes troubleshooting tips and "Things to Check" for each error code and message

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