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Statim Exploded View & Parts Listing

Statim Exploded View & Parts Listing

Below you will find a complete exploded view of the Statim Autoclaves

It is followed by a listing of the parts with links for your convenience

This is an Exploded View of the Statim Autoclave

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Item Description Statim 2000 Part Number Statim 5000 Part Number
1 Cassette Seal SCS001-241 SCS029-247
2 Bubble Level SCL012-4004 SCL012-4005
3 Cord Clip ADC058-353 ADC058-391
4 Probe Bracket Gasket SCG010-6479 SCG010-8157
5 Probe Bracket SCB039-6300 SCB043-6306
6 Probe Bracket Kit SCK038-6301 SCK042-6305
7 Microswitch Kit SCK007-380 SCK007-6197
8 Thermocouple SCT030-4016 SCT030-4017
9 Copper Tubing Kit SCK048-6486 SCK049-8160
10 Check Valve Kit SCK011-246 SCK011-519
11 Compressor Filter SCF002-376 SCF031-3825
12 Air Compressor Kit SCK020-383 N/A
13 Pressure Relief Valve (70 psi) SCV004-389 SCV004-528
14 Water Metering Tube (290) SCT053-6215 SCT053-6216
15 Thermal Fuse Assembly SCF006-377 SCF006-517
16 Screw (#6-32 X 1/4) ADS054-3199 ADS054-8161
17 Biological Filter SCF032-3820 SCF032-3821
18 Push-In Elbow Fitting RPF363-243 RFP363-499
19 Leveler Leg RPF362-360 RPF362-498
20 Solenoid Coil SCC005-374 SCC005-515
21 Solenoid Plunger Kit SCK003-379 SCK003-518
22 Screw (#8-32 X 1/2 - SEMS) RPH817-6816 RPH817-6817
23 Power Switch SCS023-387 SCS023-525
24 Power Cord Modular (Plug & Play) RPC291-989 RPC291-496
25 Condenser Waste Bottle Kit SCK016-381 SCK016-520
26 Rubber Foot CAF011-8163 CAF011-8162
27 Pump Kit (INVENSYS) SCP050-6209 SCP050-6211
Pump Kit (ULKA) SCP051-6213 SCP051-6212
28 Fuse (15A, 250V) - Time Delay (Older Styles Only) RPF071-359 RPF071-497
Fuse (2A, 250V) - Fast Acting RPF367-361 RPF367-500
Fuse (1/4A, 250V) - Time Delay RPF368-362 RPF368-501
Fuse (1/2A, 250V) - Time Delay (Older Styles Only) RPF060-357 N/A
Fuse (1A, 250V) - Time Delay (Older Styles Only) RPF061-358 N/A
29 Drain Kit with Pump Filter SCK037-4013 N/A
Cable Holder RPC702-4143 RPC702-4144
Female Quick Connect Fitting (White) RPF428-8164 RPF428-8169
30 Drain Tube Assembly Kit RPK432-8165 RPK432-8170
31 Solenoid Valve Fitting - Male Connector RPF227-8174 RPF227-8175
32 Water Filter (In-Line) SCF034-3822 SCF034-3823
33 Water Reservoir Cap & Filter Assembly SCK059-6380 SCK059-6383
Water Reservoir Cap SCC060-6378 SCC060-6381
Reservoir Filter SCF061-6379 SCF061-6382
34 Fascia Gasket SCG009-378 SCG044-6384
35 Keypad (1 Piece Old Style) SCK015-245 N/A
Keypad (2 Piece New Style) SCK041-4015 N/A
Keypad N/A SCK040-4014
36 LCD Kit SCK062-6484 N/A
LCD Decal SCD063-6485 N/A
LCD Display Assembly SCA022-6483 SCA022-6482
37 Mounting Pad RPP819-8177 RPP819-8176