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This is an Exploded View of the Statim Autoclave

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Item Description Statim 2000 Part Number Statim 5000 Part Number
1 Cassette Seal SCS001-241 SCS029-247
2 Bubble Level SCL012-4004 SCL012-4005
3 Cord Clip ADC058-353 ADC058-391
4 Probe Bracket Gasket SCG010-6479 SCG010-8157
5 Probe Bracket SCB039-6300 SCB043-6306
6 Probe Bracket Kit SCK038-6301 SCK042-6305
7 Microswitch Kit SCK007-380 SCK007-6197
8 Thermocouple SCT030-4016 SCT030-4017
9 Copper Tubing Kit SCK048-6486 SCK049-8160
10 Check Valve Kit SCK011-246 SCK011-519
11 Compressor Filter SCF002-376 SCF031-3825
12 Air Compressor Kit SCK020-383 N/A
13 Pressure Relief Valve (70 psi) SCV004-389 SCV004-528
14 Water Metering Tube (290) SCT053-6215 SCT053-6216
15 Thermal Fuse Assembly SCF006-377 SCF006-517
16 Screw (#6-32 X 1/4) ADS054-3199 ADS054-8161
17 Biological Filter SCF032-3820 SCF032-3821
18 Push-In Elbow Fitting RPF363-243 RFP363-499
19 Leveler Leg RPF362-360 RPF362-498
20 Solenoid Coil SCC005-374 SCC005-515
21 Solenoid Plunger Kit SCK003-379 SCK003-518
22 Screw (#8-32 X 1/2 - SEMS) RPH817-6816 RPH817-6817
23 Power Switch SCS023-387 SCS023-525
24 Power Cord Modular (Plug & Play) RPC291-989 RPC291-496
25 Condenser Waste Bottle Kit SCK016-381 SCK016-520
26 Rubber Foot CAF011-8163 CAF011-8162
27 Pump Kit (INVENSYS) SCP050-6209 SCP050-6211
Pump Kit (ULKA) SCP051-6213 SCP051-6212
28 Fuse (15A, 250V) - Time Delay (Older Styles Only) RPF071-359 RPF071-497
Fuse (2A, 250V) - Fast Acting RPF367-361 RPF367-500
Fuse (1/4A, 250V) - Time Delay RPF368-362 RPF368-501
Fuse (1/2A, 250V) - Time Delay (Older Styles Only) RPF060-357 N/A
Fuse (1A, 250V) - Time Delay (Older Styles Only) RPF061-358 N/A
29 Drain Kit with Pump Filter SCK037-4013 N/A
Cable Holder RPC702-4143 RPC702-4144
Female Quick Connect Fitting (White) RPF428-8164 RPF428-8169
30 Drain Tube Assembly Kit RPK432-8165 RPK432-8170
31 Solenoid Valve Fitting - Male Connector RPF227-8174 RPF227-8175
32 Water Filter (In-Line) SCF034-3822 SCF034-3823
33 Water Reservoir Cap & Filter Assembly SCK059-6380 SCK059-6383
Water Reservoir Cap SCC060-6378 SCC060-6381
Reservoir Filter SCF061-6379 SCF061-6382
34 Fascia Gasket SCG009-378 SCG044-6384
35 Keypad (1 Piece Old Style) SCK015-245 N/A
Keypad (2 Piece New Style) SCK041-4015 N/A
Keypad N/A SCK040-4014
36 LCD Kit SCK062-6484 N/A
LCD Decal SCD063-6485 N/A
LCD Display Assembly SCA022-6483 SCA022-6482
37 Mounting Pad RPP819-8177 RPP819-8176

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"My Statim 2000 stopped working.

Benco dental came down and said the thermal fuse and computer board was bad

Real Problems Solved By Dr Gorenburg With AllClaveParts help

Wally, thank you and your company for providing great customer service and all the help I needed to fix my autoclave.

Dr Haruki & Son

My tech told me my STATIM 2000 repair could either be about $350 (if it was only the thermal fuse) or up to $1500 if it was another problem.

Craig Haruki DDS
Lihue, HI

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"It was a pleasure working with Wally who saved me thousands over what I would have had to pay when the Patterson tech......"

Dr Joseph Whitehouse
Castro Valley, CA
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Dr Steve Says Midmark Told Him To Throw It Away, But AllClaveParts Showed Him How To Fix It Well, that same autoclave is once again working like a champ thanks to

Steve Douglas, DDS
Indianapolis, IN

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