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How To Maintain The Air Jet Valve

How To Maintain The Air Jet Valve

Here's What You Need To Do To Maintain The Tuttnauer Air Jet Valve

A dirty Air Jet is the number one cause of failed spore tests

It is required that the Air Jet, which is located just inside the Water Reservoir, be cleaned once per week, or more often if necessary, to remove any accumulated dirt and debris

Failure to keep the Air Jet Valve clean will result in a malfunctioning of autoclave

Indications of an air ject valve failure are demonstrated by indicator strips that do not turn and failed spore tests

Air Jet Valve Maintenance Procedures

Where the Tuttnauer Air Jet Valve is Located

  1. Remove the Water Reservoir Cover
  2. With an object similar to a pen or screw driver snag the loop on the end of the clean out wire protruding from the Air Jet
  3. Move the clean out wire in the Air Jet back and forth 10 times. It is preferrable that this procedure be done when the unit is running a cycle and under pressure so any loosened debris will be blown away. However, it can be done while the unit is idle.