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Model: PCK204-472

Pelton Crane Validator Guaranteed Autoclave Parts

Part #PCK204-472
OEM Part #5151795


  • O-ring
  • Spring
  • Plunger with Rubber Insert
  • Stop Blank
  • Retainer Seal and
  • (2)Snubbers
Fits: Bellows Solenoid Valve
Model This Part Fits: Pelton Crane Validator Plus 8 Autoclave

Notes: SERVICE TIP: To avoid damaging the autoclave, it is recommended to use the Spanner Nut Part #ILS014-1267 when replacing the Vent Plunger Kit (Part #PCK202-470 Dump Plunger Kit (Part #PCK203-471 and Bellows Plunger Kit (Part #PCK204-472)

How To Install The Validator Plus 8 Bellows Plunger Kit

Warning - Turn Off The Unit & Unplug it From The Wall Before Starting This Procedure

  1. Remove the cover (Click Here For Instructions)
  2. Locate The Bellows Solenoid (To Make Sure You Have The Right Solenoid, Trace the wire. It will be marked "Bellows"
  3. Remove The Clip From The Top Of The Solenoid.
  4. Remove The Solenoid By pulling it up and away from the shaft and set it aside
  5. Slide The Spanner Nut TooloOver the shaft, aligning the two dowel pins in the tool with the holes of the flute (looks like a cap at the base of the shaft)
  6. Using a 3/4 inch wrench (or an adjustable wrench) turn the Spanner Nut In a counter-clockwise direction (Once started, you can unscrew it by hand)

  7. Warning: Do Not Use pliers or vice grips in trying to remove the shaft - the shaft is easily distorted (The Solenoid coil will no longer slide over the shaft - and a replacement is not available (unless you buy the whole assembly for approximately $300)
    The spanner nut is inexpensive, easy to use and makes the job a breeze!
  8. Remove the shaft (& flute) by lifting it up
  9. Remove the O-ring (from the grove in the housing can see the o-ring after you remove the flute with the spanner nut tool), spring, plunger with rubber insert, stop blank, retainer seal and (2) snubbers- make a note of the order in which the parts come out

  1. Set the new oring in place
  2. Assemble in the same order as the drawing below
  3. Slide flute over shaft and screw into place in a clockwise direction with the Spanner Nut Tool and wrench
  4. Slide Solenoid Coil over protruding shaft
  5. Reinstall Cover Click Here For Instructions

Pelton Crane Validator Plus 8 Autoclave Repair Made Simple ™

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