Amsco Eagle 3000 Basic Troubleshooting For
Amsco Eagle 3000 Gravity & Vacumatic Sterilizers


No Power Check facility power source — turn on.
POWER switch OFF — turn ON
Unable To Select Cycle Chamber door(s) open — close and lock door(s). (Control will “beep” three times if door is open when cycle is selected.)
Chamber Temperature Does Not Rise To Correct Setting Chamber drain line or strainer plugged — clean line or strainer
Chamber Pressure & Temperature Drop During A Cycle Chamber drain line or strainer plugged — clean line or strainer
Pressure Too High, Temperature Too Low During Sterilization Phase Air trapped in chamber because of clogged strainer or drain — clean strainer inside chamber, flush and clean drain line and traps
Steam Escapes Around Door During Sterilization Phase Replace Worn Or Defective Door Gasket
Wrapped Items Are Wet After Completion Of Cycle, Or Excessive Vapor In Chamber When Door Is Opened Dry time too short for load type — increase setting
Water In Chamber Or Door Channel At End Of Cycle Drain plugged or clogged — clean drain.
Steam separator/strainer plugged — clean.
Drain line check valve defective — replace.
Jacket Pressure Does Not Rise To Required Level Steam supply hand valve not open — open valve.
Possible flood condition/steam supply solenoid valve closed
Steam supply less than 50 psig (3.52 kg/ dynamic — check supply pressure & increase if necessary
Cycle does not advance from prevacuum phase Door gasket worn or defective — replace
Chamber drain line or strainer plugged — clean line or strainer
Water supply hand valve not open — open valve
Water supply less than 30 psig (2.11 kg/ dynamic — check supply pressure and increase if necessary.
Steam supply insufficient — see 9 above; “Jacket pressure does not rise . . .”
HI-LO valve not set correctly — check that it is set on HI.

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"My Statim 2000 stopped working.

Benco dental came down and said the thermal fuse and computer board was bad

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Wally, thank you and your company for providing great customer service and all the help I needed to fix my autoclave.

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Anytime I am repairing one of the autoclaves I know Wally is just a phone call away. He has done an outstanding job helping me over the years. I also...

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I wanted to thank you for help me fix my Midmark M11. Just like the other testimonials, a local authorized technician was going to charge $95 each...

Many thanks to AllClaveparts and Wally!

Many thanks to AllClaveparts and Wally!

Thank you for your outstanding service! The last time my Statim went out (only 3 years ago) I had to send it in and I did not see it again for a...

Thanks again Wally!

Thanks again Wally!

"My Ritter Autoclave started to act up on me on a Monday morning. It was giving me 3 different Error Messages and would not complete a cycle." "What...

My autoclave has worked like a dream all day!!

Wally, I have to say thanks for getting back to me so promptly and your info was right on the money! My autoclave has worked like a dream all day!!...

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