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Dr Maldonado Thinks AllClaveParts.com is Fantastic!

I am a dentist in New Jersey and I must say that Wally is fantastic.

I consider myself to be pretty technically adept at doing all kinds of repairs and with Wally's patience and guidance I was able to repair my Midmark M11 on my own.

The repair was not a very simple one and required de-soldering and replacing a relay on the main board. Wally was able to identify the problem through a few diagnostics and actually encouraged me to attempt the repair myself.

It was successful! I must say that there are not very many companies that would have done that.

Most would have said they either have no idea what the problem was, or wouldn't have spent the time diagnosing it with me and told me that I needed a new control board.

He is very honest and helpful and I greatly appreciate it. I will certainly spread the word about his company

Dr Frank Maldonado
Wayne Dental Arts
Wayne, NJ
Dr Vogl Thinks AllClaveParts Is Outstanding!

"Every experience I have had with Wally has been positive.

Whether an inquiry, product purchase, or request for technical information, Wally has been friendly, prompt, and extremely knowledgeable.

He has a wealth of information, experience, and diagrams to make repairs very manageable.

In so many service calls, one is paying not just for what the technician does, but what he knows, and Wally provides that knowledge free of charge.

I only wish that I had someone of his caliber to support all of the equipment in my office, and recommend him without reservation."

Thanks, Wally!

John P. Vogl, DDS
Manchester, Missouri
Dr S Thinks We are perfect for him Thank you (once again) for Saving me almost $2,000.00.

When my Tuttnauer 2540ea would not heat past 250 and would not pressurize past 25psi I immediately looked for a steam leak after consulting your website. There it Being that it was a busy week, we called a large dental equipment sales/ repair company and requested a loaner and repair of the problem part. I made absolutely sure that the repair expert I spoke with by phone knew that I was not looking for a total overhaul /rehab of my ten year old machine, just to fix the problem as cheaply as possible.
I was assured that would be the case. In fact I put my entire request in writing along with what I thought the issue was in writing and placed it in the autoclave chamber and closed it. The next day a loaner was delivered and my Tuttnauer picked up. For almost three weeks I heard nothing. I speculated to my business partner that they would want $500 to replace a $100 part. Boy was I wrong We got a call a day later from the company (seems that it was sent to Maryland from New York) stating the price would be over $1700 plus tax I immediately requested a written estimate. Three days later the estimate arrived. There was the part I knew was the issue along with many many other parts that would "fail soon". Door closing mechanisms, Gaskets, Filters, Plungers etc etc. I was furious. Apparently I was getting a full rehab regardless of what I wrote to them or what the rep stated to me. I requested my machine to be returned UNFIXED to me. Then they pointed to the fine print which was not represented anywhere to me at any time before. The "loaner" was now a "rental" $100/week (mind you it took three weeks for me to even receive an estimate). $175 pick up and delivery fee, $100 for the estimate. Total to NOT fix the unit?? Over $600. After "discussing" the matter with my Rep he graciously offered to eat the entire cost of the mess, Probably because I have been a great customer over the past 20 years. Well it took over 2 more weeks to get my autoclave back. Missing many screws, many parts left loose, grounds not replaced back to the cover, but just $100 later....with your help, Wally, I fixed the problem myself. It was the part that you suggested that first email with me.

Thank you and never again will I even CONSIDER a large multi state company.

Richard S.
Long Island, NY
If you want real help repairing your autoclave, go to AllClaveParts.com

"My Ritter Autoclave started to act up on me on a Monday morning. It was giving me 3 different Error Messages and would not complete a cycle."

"What a way to start the week! "

"I called Wally and he walked me through several different scenarios to see what the problem could be. I was ready to box it up and send it to him (shipping alone would cost me a couple hundred dollars)."

"He said to try a few things first so I did. I must have called him 5 times that morning as he talked me through each scenario and sure enough it turned out to be a loose fitting that just required a new tie wrap!"

"I was back in action and didn’t spend a dime!"

"I would greatly recommend AllClaveParts to anybody. Call Wally before you call a dental repair guy!"

"Thanks again Wally!"

Dr Dan
  "Dear Wally,

I wish to thank you for the time and effort which was provided by you in my moment of need. After calling the Dental Supply Company, they wanted an outrageous amount of money ($900.00 plus tax) to fix my M-11 autoclave.

They wanted to sell me a new autoclave and give me $500.00 for my machine. It would have been a $4800.00 outcome. Instead for about $150.00 I fixed the autoclave"

Juan Valdes, DDS
Hallandale Beach, FL
I Saved More Than $2500.....Thank You AllClaveParts

"My Statim 2000 stopped working.

Benco dental came down and said the thermal fuse and computer board was bad.

Cost $2600 to repair with 90 day warranty or new Statim

Went to your website to troubleshoot the problem. The thermal fuse was bad but also both the water filters were clogged.

The Benco tech never even checked these. According to your website, this is the most common reason the thermal fuse blows. After cleaning the filters and ordering a new thermal fuse, my unit works!!!

Total cost of $34.75 - Including Shipping!

Thanks for running a honest and informative website. I will recommend your site to all my dental friends"


Dr Michael Wilcox DDS
Wheeling, WV
AllClaveParts Is The Only Place I will Go From Now On "


Thank you and your company for providing great customer service and all the help I needed to fix my autoclave. It took only few minutes, but it definitely saved me and my office lots of money.

You provided easy step by step instructions and walked me through fixing my Statim-5000. I will gladly recommend you to all of my colleagues and you are the company I will call if I ever need to repair my equipment."

Dr. Oleg Gorenburg M.D., D.O.
Owner of Clear View Medical Eye Clinic
Brooklyn, NY 11235

Clearview Medical.com


We received the needed part and Barry got it in the autoclave with no problem. We have run several cycles since then and the autoclave is still working well.

We really appreciate all the help you gave us. We would not have any idea what to do without your help. You saved us a very large expense of having to buy a new autoclave. Thank you very much!"

Barry & Dr. Crouch, MD
Jonesboro, LA
Dr Baker Loves AllClaveParts - And You Will Too!

" Dear Wally:

This message is not only for you,Wally, but especially for all the people who have autoclave problems. I hope they read this.

As a veterinarian with a large office and a staff of 30, we have two autoclaves--one for the general small animal practice and one in my dental specialist office. One stopped working and showed error messages. I took it 60 miles to an autoclave repairman.

When they returned it (with a bill of over $500, it still did not work) They picked it up again, saying it "worked for them," returned it again after a few weeks, and said they had no problems with it now-not telling me what was wrong with it. Uggh. Did not work after a couple of cycles. Then took it to another place. Same story.

Then I did some investigative work and found Wally. Boy, he was helpful. I finally took the bellows out of both autoclaves, exchanged them since Wally told me they were both identical, and have had no problems with either autoclave since then.

Wally guided me through the process and only asked that if I had to purchse any autoclave parts, I would think of him. I wouldn't go anyplace else. I owe him and am not sure how to pay him, since he gave me proper advice and it worked, and I didn't have to purchase anything--at least not this time. His name goes down in my book. If I ever need any autoclave repairs, or parts, or even a new autoclave, it's going to be from Wally. That's my take!"

Larry Baker, DVM
2800 N. MLK; Decatur, Il
Northgate Pet Plaza (Northgate Pet Clinic and Northgate Veterinar Dentistry)
Dr Greg Prior

"Thanks Wally..... Here is a copy of the letter I am sending to Henry Schein Pro Repair. Use it any way you see fit. The machine works just fine as ever."

Yours truly,
Greg Prior DDS
Clearwater, FL

Henry Schein Pro Repair

June 27, 2012

" To whom it may concern, and all other interested parties, I have been a steady customer of Henry Schein for the past ten years. We have excellent support locally with our representative and repair technician.

They are awesome people. They are not only extremely competent, but they are just great people. Honest in every way. I mention this because it is true and probably is not said enough.

I also want to point out that what I am about to say should not be a reflection on these wonderful people who have earned our trust and confidence.

Last year our Statim 2000 was damaged when a new assistant placed the cassette upside down and bent the thermocouple probe. We were told to send the unit to the Henry Schein Pro Repair. The unit had been functioning flawlessly. It had been well cared for. It was a reliable work horse of our practice that the staff depended on daily.

The report from your repair shop said: You can pay $3,195 and have a 90 day warranty; or we will give you a deal, and for only $1,400 more or for a mere $4,400 we will give you a brand new Statim 2000. The list of things that were wrong were the air filter, air compressor piston, pump, probe bracket, solenoid repair kit, boiler/PCB, cassette tray, reservoir cap, Cassette seal.

I just wanted the bent probe handled. Sometimes they can be straightened. Sometimes not, but ours came back broken off and no opportunity to handle just the broken part that we had sent it in for. There was no middle ground. We were not in the position to do either. We began to budget to buy a new one, but this particular item was down on the list. Handpieces and vacuum system repairs were higher on the list.

Back at that time I had complete trust in Henry Schein at all levels. I did not question what I was told. I believed I needed to invest in a new Statim 2000 and that was all there was to it.

We asked to have the unit sent back to our office where it sat in its crate for months. The staff coped without the unit, but it put strain on everyone. It affected our practice. That is the part that makes me bitter as I reflect back on the given facts and can now view the truth.

I had repaired a water distillation machine we use daily by going on line and finding replacement parts. I fixed it myself and avoided having to buy a new machine as was recommended by Henry Schein. That was $400 saved. So I got to thinking, maybe there was another alternative, especially since the cassette seal had just been replaced and the reservoir cap was not missing, and it made no sense. So I went online and began to search.

To make a long story short, I found Wally at allclaveparts.com and he sold me the replacement part for the broken thermocouple probe. It cost me less than $250.00 which included shipping and a tutorial on how to do the repair. In addition, Wally is the real deal. He walked me through the entire process, made phone calls for me to get additional helpful information. Besides that he was fun to talk to.

Right now as I am writing this my Statim 2000 is cooling down from its first cycle in over six months. It worked perfectly, just like it did in the past. The staff is really elated but, we are all a bit disappointed in the Henry Schein repair shop.

I will say this, after having made my displeasure known; Henry Schein Pro Repair sent back the electrical cord they had kept, I still am missing 4 of the cover screws that were not replaced, and they also sent a Thermocouple Probe Bracket free of charge.

That was great, but when you think of the six months of inconvenience and the Shakedown that was attempted; I am still disappointed."

Greg Prior DDS
Clearwater, Florida

" Wally, Thanks so much for this information. Your advice worked brilliantly. Went to Radio Shack. Bought $5 worth of fuses (two types). Bam! Old M11 turns right back on. That would have been a $180 service call!"

Dr Michael Hinh
Laurel Hills Dental Care
Sacramento, CA
Dr Eric Wigand

"I want to thank you Wally for talking me through my autoclave repair. Our estimate was $600 minimum with the machine taken away for service

Your help allowed me to fix our Tuttnauer for ~$150 which includes a couple of wrenches I bought. I finished the repair in less than 2 hours with lots of interruptions.

Many, many thanks. It is working well again."

Dr Eric Weigand, DVM
Claremont, CA
Claremont Veterinary Hospital

"Glad I came across your site. My tech told me my STATIM 2000 repair could either be about $350 (if it was only the thermal fuse) or up to $1500 if it was another problem.

Since my unit is 14 years old (still looks brand new and we run only 12 cycles/week on it) I didn't want to take a chance so we ended up buying the STATIM 5000 for $5000K+. Then Googled the error code 25 and came across your site.

I decided to take a chance and ordered the thermal fuse. It worked! Now I'll use it as a back up but have to buy the bottle kit since I threw the other one away thinking I needed to dump the unit. Thank you for the great diagnosing help and thorough instructions."

Craig Haruki DDS
Lihue, HI

"I wanted to thank you for help me fix my Midmark M11. Just like the other testimonials, a local authorized technician was going to charge $95 each way to pick up and deliver the sterilizer and said my problem would be at least $500-$600

I am the least handy person in the world, but for the money I decided to try it myself. You pick up the phone and spent about an hour with me diagnosing the problem. I bought a water level sensor from you and it cost me $31.97, delivered.

You were nice enough to walk me through the installation. The sterilizer has worked perfectly since. I wish I would have known about you sooner. Thank you very much. "

Johnny Grinspan DDS
McKinney, TX
Dr Whitehouse Recommends AllClaveParts To All Of His Friends & Colleagues

"It was a pleasure working with Wally who saved me thousands over what I would have had to pay when the Patterson tech did not know I could find a replacement board for my Midmark sterilizer. Wally, your company needs to advertise in a dental journal so more of us can use your services.

Thanks "

Joseph Whitehouse, M.S. D.D.S.
Castro Valley, CA
Create A Smile

" Thank you for your outstanding service! The last time my Statim went out (only 3 years ago) I had to send it in and I did not see it again for a month and a half. And it cost me $2000. After I got an error message this time I wasn't so quick to send it back to Statim.

I found Wally at AllClaveParts and he helped me to troubleshoot the exact problem, rushed a new Statim part to me, then walked me through the installation.. The Statim was up and running (with a brand new waterpump) in about a week. Many thanks to AllClaveparts and Wally! "

Dr Peter Neuhaus, DDS
Wilmette, IL
Wilmette Dental.com
Gabriel " I found this page hoping to find the parts I needed to fix my Autoclave and found not only what I needed but a great customer service, particularly talking about Wally, he guided me through the process of understanding how to test the parts that were broken and finding a solution, not superficially but hand to hand with me through emails.

Thanks a lot Wally for your help and training in knowing how find a solution to the problem "

Dr. Gabriel Peralta Toledo
Dental Implantologist
Cuernavaca Morelos, Mexico
CosmeDent Official Website
Dental Rehabilitation CosmeDent

" Great service from the AllClaveParts company. I have saved over a thousand dollars repairing my own Statim unit with their guidance. I strongly recommend you give them a try first with your sterilization repair needs "

Dr Derek Cheng, Crystal Lake IL

"Awesome site, you just saved me a ton with your detailed troubleshooting section and ordered the right part for repair. I appreciate it!!!! I will be back as needed and send others your way. "

Ryan Walrath, DVM
Keokuk, Iowa
Two Rivers Veterinary Center
Dr Lorraine & Mike O'Hare

"Wally,my name is Daniel O'Hare,my wife's name is Lorraine and she owns a dental practice in San Francisco, where she works as the only provider, even doing all the teeth cleanings herself. I am a licensed contractor and very busy with my own business,so we obviously don't have alot of time for office maintenance, let alone equipment failure.

Last year I looked into her books to get an idea of expenses for upkeep of the practice. It was jaw dropping when I realized how much she spent on these 'techs' who payed office visits to fix what they referred to as "complicated".

I knew how much money she lost each time there was equipment failure so I chalked it up as the cost of doing business. Recently she started having cycle faults on her Statim 2000 autoclave so I did a Google search for autoclave parts after reading the cassette gasket needed to be changed every six months.

I found your site, ordered the gasket, put it in and all was well..All of this after the reps from Henry Schein and Patterson came to the office trying to sell my wife a new autoclave($4000),because mailing it in was going to be expensive, not to mention halt all work at the practice.

Around two weeks after the gasket replacement I started to get a 'Cycle Default 25' message on the screen and this time I was lost. I referred to your web site where I was able to read that the default 25 was a bad thermal fuse.

I thought this one was going to be too much for me, so I found a local tech who told me (without ever setting foot in the office) that I had a bad boiler and I would need to mail it to his "guy", through his account and the whole thing would be around $1100.

I got back on your site, found a diagram to replace the fuse, bought the fuse for $16 dollars and had you overnight it. The next day I went for it and took the machine apart, and I was stuck.

I called your office, where you picked up on the second ring and walked through the entire proccess. It now runs like a top and you literally saved me a thousand dollars! If all internet based companies had your customer service, my mother wouldn't be so afraid of computers!!!!

Thank you sir for your patience and expertise "

Daniel O'Hare
San Francisco, California

"Working with Wally had been a pleasure from the moment I consulted him for help on my problem right through to after I had bought replacement parts from him and finally found my solution. His attention to client support and satisfaction is impeccable.

The company's philosophy of self-repair is something you can definitely put your confidence behind if Wally is any reflection of the company's support policy as a whole. In an era devoid of superior customer service, I am truly glad I chose AllClaveParts instead of simply sending it off to an outside repair shop "

Paul H
Technical Specialist
Finlandia Natural Pharmacy
Vancouver, BC

"My Tuttnauer 2540M autoclave quit building up pressure. A new gasket did not solve the problem. The dental repairman said that three of the four heater elements were out. He shipped the unit to the main repair shop and they agreed.

I was told that it would cost $1700 to repair the unit.

I was skeptical so I had the unit returned to me. I contacted AllClaveParts and followed their diagnostic instructions to test the heater elements. All of the elements were working fine.

The safety valve was then changed and the unit has been working fine.

The total cost of repair was $44 plus shipping of the safety valve and a little time on the phone with Wally at Allclaveparts.com

Apparently the integrity which we dentist pride ourselves in our profession does not extend to all of the repair areas of dental equipment!

My suggestion is this if you have a problem with your autoclave call Wally at AllClaveParts.com first before your local repairman "


Dr. M.L. Rabalais
Houma, LA

" Wally, I have to say thanks for getting back to me so promptly and your info was right on the money! My autoclave has worked like a dream all day!! Your the type of person I like to do business with.

Lots of luck in yours


Sandy Rana
Lab Tech
Greenscape Analytical Laboratories
Ravenswood, WV
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