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Model: MIR017-6420



Guaranteed High Quality Midmark Chair & Exam Table Replacement Parts

Part #MIR017-6420
Midmark Part #002-0041-00 / 015-0061-00


  • 1A @120 VAC/DC
  • Preset: .20 sec. delay
  • .25" Tabs
  • Includes wire assemblies
  • See Notes below for Serial Numbers this part fits.

Fits: Cylinder Solenoids

Model This Part Fits: Midmark Ritter 106 Exam Tables


  • Fits Models 106: All Serial Numbers.

Midmark Time Delay Connections

(Both Lead Wires Are White In Color)

  1. Terminal #1 On The Relay Is Connected to Terminal #4 On The Terminal Block
  2. Terminal #2 On The Relay Is Connected to Terminal #2 On The Terminal Block

Diagram Showing The Connections of the Midmark Time Delay Relay


What The Midmark Time Delay Relay Does

The time delay relay delays current flow across the coil of the cylinder solenoid valve for 1/ 10 of a second, causing it to energize 1/10 of a second after the motor pump and anti-cavitation solenoid valve have energized. This allows the motor pump to run and oil pressure to build before table is operated, so table top will not cavitate. The foot function also has a pan safety limit switch in its circuit. If the treatment pan assembly is not pushed into its fully stowed position, the pan safety limit switch will not be tripped. If the pan safety limit switch is not tripped, current flow is interrupted, keeping the cylinder solenoid valve from energizing. This safety feature prevents the table operator from accidentally colliding the foot section into the treatment pan assembly

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