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Model: TUK121-5826


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Part #TUK121-5826
OEM Part #02610020 (Door Gasket only)


This PM Sterilizer Kit For The Tuttnauer 1730E Includes:

Model(s) This Part Fits: 1730E

Note: Tuttnauer Recommends Replacing Each Of The Components Included In This PM Kit Every 12 Months (Every 6 Months If You Have A Busy Practice)



"Is It Really Necessary To Replace All Of These Items Every 12 Months?"

In a word....YES!

These are all normal Preventative Maintenance components, subject to wear and tear during normal day-to-day operations.

"You can spend a Little Now, Or A Lot Later"

Replacing these components doesn't cost you saves you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in repair bills & significantly extend the life span of your autoclave.





"But The Door Gasket On My Tuttnauer 1730E Still Looks Like New
Why Should I replace It?"




Tuttnauer 1730E Door Gasket

As The Old Saying Goes, "Looks Can Be Deceiving!" If a Door Gasket has been properly maintained (cleaned) on a regular basis, it can still remain supple & look like new, even when it is no longer functioning properly.

But The Biggest Problem With All Door Gaskets Is Shrinkage.

With the extreme conditions the Door Gasket is repeatedly subjected to, shrinkage will occur on any door gasket over time. They don't shrink much, but it doesn't take much shrinkage for the door gasket to develop a leak.




"I Always Use Only Distilled Water, How Can My Filters Be Clogged?"




Tuttnauer 1730E Stainless Steel Fill & Vent Chamber Filters

First, Distilled Water Is Not Pure.

The distillation process is done by boiling the water and then directing the resulting steam into a condensing coil, just like the one in your Tuttnauer 1730E autoclave.

As the steam flows through the condensing coil, the steam is cooled enough to return (condense) to it's water state. And this is the water you find in the jugs of distilled water you buy

But here's the thing: The distillation process does not make the water clean. Chemicals remain in the water as do other impurities.

Even so, it is a very good process. The biggest culprit responsible for clogging the filters is the external environment.

Things like dust and hair are in the air. Dust Is Everywhere. It is in the air, and circulated by movement and your central climate control system. And the dust makes it's way into the chamber every time you open and close the chamber door.

And those are the reasons why filters are required in the first place. The filters become clogged simply because they are doing their job: filtering the water from the dust, hair, & other debris particles carried into the chamber when you open and close the door

Do not use the Tuttnauer 1730E without the filters in place. Doing so will cause the debris to collect inside the valves, damaging them




"Why Do I Need To Replace The Door Bellows?"




Tuttnauer 1730E Door Bellows

The biggest problem we see with the door bellows is, due to the constant compression and expansion, the silicone material eventually tears. Pieces can be sheared off and become lodged inside the housing, impeding the operation.

The bellows performs a vital function and if defective, can keep the sterilization process from completing.




"What Could Go Wrong With The Rubber Boot For The Door Switch?"




Tuttnauer 1730E Rubber Boot For The Door Switch

The Rubber Boot is there only to protect the door switch on your Tuttnauer 1730E by keeping moisture away from the electrical components of the door switch. A Good Rubber Boot extends the life of the switch.

The constant compression & expansion of the boot from repeatedly opening and closing the door, causes the rubber boot to wear. Should it develop a pinhole or tear, moisture would be allowed to enter the switch and cause the Door Switch to fail.




I Clean The Jet Air Valve On A Regular Basis As Instructed, Shouldn't It Be Okay?




Tuttnauer 1730E Jet Air Valve (BlackTop)

Cleaning the Jet Air Valve does help to insure proper operation during it's predicatable life span.....of 12 clearing debris from inside the valve.

Unfortunately, cleaning it does not keep the components inside the Valve from wearing out. And Debris can still find it's way into the port and become lodged, keeping the plunger located inside the valve from fully closing.

The small spring that helps keep the plunger in place can weaken or even break over time. And the plunger stem can breakdown

The deterioration of the Jet Air Valve is normally slow, and not something you can easily see. But a defective Air Jet Valve is The Leading Cause of Spore Test Failure on the Tuttnauer 1730E Sterilizers. Be safe,and be sure. Replace it every 12 months as recommended by Tuttnauer




The Bottom Line Is

Replace all of these components on a regular basis as recommended. Keep a written record of when these maintenance procedures are performed and mark your calendar for the next scheduled maintenance

This will help to extend the life span of your Tuttnauer 1730E Autoclave, protecting your investment while insuring trouble free operation, and passing inspections when they occur





Tuttnauer 1730E Autoclave Repair Made Simple™



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