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1730MKV (Valueklave) TIMER

1730MKV (Valueklave) TIMER

Model: TUT008-9181


All of Our Tuttnauer Autoclave Replacement Parts are Guaranteed

Part #TUT008-9181
Tuttnauer Part #01910011
Old Tuttnauer Part #01910005


Note: See Specifications Below


Fits: Front Panel

Model This Part Fits: Tuttnauer 1730MKV (ValuKlave)  Autoclaves


  • Time & Alert Specifications: 60 Minutes, Bell Alert
  • Switch Specifications: 16A @ 250VAC SPST N.O. Switch
  • Mount Specifications: 2 Hole - M4 @ 28.6mm (1.125") apart
  • Shaft Specifications: 6mm (.236") diameter x 24mm (.945") long with Flat
  • Dimensions Specifications: 59mm (2.322") diameter x 48mm (1.890") DP

This is a High Quality Timer, and Comes Complete With A New Knob.

Don't Pay $250.00 or more to have Your Tuttnauer Timer Replaced. The only tool needed to complete the replacement is a screwdriver. Takes about 30 minutes beginning to end This is an easy fix you can do!

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