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Part #TUF175-6494
Tuttnauer Part #FIL075-0020


This is an Original Tuttnauer Part - Not An After-Market Product

  • Plastic Filter
  • Use With ULKA Pump
  • Includes Filter & 2 Plastic Nuts

Fits: Between Water Reservoir & Water Pump

Model This Part Fits: Tuttnauer 1730E Autoclave

Changing This Filter Is Easy - Only Tool Needed Is A Screwdriver to Remove The Cabinet So You Can Get To The Filter



Here Is Where To Find The Tuttnauer Water Filter



How To Remove The Old Tuttnauer Water Filter:

  • Unplug Autoclave From The Wall & Remove The Cabinet
  • Unscrew the nuts located on each end of the filter by grabbing the knurled portion of the nut and turning them counterclockwise
  • Pull the tubing off of the filter and discard the filter
  • Remove the Nuts from the tubing and discard

How To Install the Replacement Tuttnauer Water Filter:

  • Slide the new nuts over the ends of the tubing with the knurled side facing the filter
  • Insert the barbed ends of the new Filter into the tubing (smaller end of filter pointing towards Water Reservoir
  • Screw the nuts onto the filter by turning them clockwise (finger-tight should be sufficient)
  • Run a test cycle and watch for leaks at either end of the filter. Tighten Nuts as needed to stop leakage if any
  • Replace The cabinet




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