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Care For The Tuttnauer Water Fill Electrode

Care For The Tuttnauer Water Fill Electrode

How To Maintain The Tuttnauer Water Sensing Electrode

Inside the rear of the chamber is a Water Fill Electrode

Tuttnauer Water Fill Electrode

The electrode has one wire running to it from outside the chamber to the ajunc board. This wire is a "Hot Wire"

It is desgined so that the water inside the chamber acts as a ground. When it touches the brass colored tip of the electrode, it completes the circuit and sends the message back to the board that it has the right amount of water in the chamber and is ready to proceed to the heatup phase

Tuttnauer Water Fill Electrode

Even though you use distilled water, not all of the trace elements are removed and these elements in addition to dirt & debris can accumulate on the sensor causing it to fail

for this reason, it is required that Electrode be cleaned at least once per week to insure proper filling of the Chamber at the beginning of each cycle. In addition cleaning the sensor will insure that the Electrode properly senses the water level all during the cycle to prevent the Chamber from running dry

In some situations where the Chamber itself is not cleaned regularly or Distilled Water is not being used, it may be necessary to clean the Electrode more frequently

How to Clean The Water Fill Electrode

Using a damp cloth or sponge, you may use a mild soapy solution if you like, wipe down the Water Fill Electrode. It is important to wipe the sides of the electrode as well as the tip, to remove any dirt and debris that may have built up since the last cleaning