Midmark M7 Timer Kit Installation Guide


Important! Disconnect Power From Autoclave and Allow To Cool Before Servicing.

Removing the Timer Knob

  • On some of the earlier units, the timer knob is tightened to the unit by an Allen Screw. Before removing the knob, loosen the screw
  • Spacer is not needed. On some units that have the buzzer mounted on the timer, a spacer was used. Remove and discard the spacer as it is not rquired with the new timer.
  • It may be necessary to drill holes to mount new Timer. On some units, a nut is used to secure the timer to the front panel. On these units, it is necessary to drill two new holes on the front panel to secure the new Timer.

    • To begin, from the center of the shaft hole, at the 12:00 position, measure 9/16" upwards, make a mark, and center punch.

    • Next, at the 6:00 position from the center of the shaft hole, measure 9/16" downwards, make a mark, and center punch. At the center marks for each of the hole, drill a 3/16" hole. Use two #8-32 x 5/16" screws to secure timer

Mounting the Buzzer Assembly

  • Remove the top, left screw that secures the Relay Assembly to the bracket on the right side of the chamber. Position the Buzzer Assembly against the same bracket and secure the buzzer to the bracket using the same screw.
  • Connecting electrical leads. See Timer Wiring Diagrams and note that the #2 contact and the "B" positions are reversed on the Timer when compared to the OEM Timer.
  • If Wire Harness is too short. When upgrading to this newer style Timer (Part #RCT107-3406), the original wire harness may be too short. To extend the length, install the enclosed Wire Harness (Part #RCH117-3405).

Buzzer adjustments

  • Adjust the loudness of the buzzer by turning the adjustment screw clockwise for a softer signal or counterclockwise for a louder signal