Midmark M11D Ultraclave VENT SOLENOID VALVE

Midmark M11D Ultraclave VENT SOLENOID VALVE

Model: MIV139-7477



Guaranteed High Quality Midmark M11D Autoclave Replacement Parts

Part #MIV139-7477
OEM Part #002-1361-00/014-0420-03


  • Piston Style Valve Operator Only
  • Material: Viton seat; Manifold mount; AC valve
  • 120 VAC 50/60Hz. FWR; 14W
  • Includes Male Connector Part #RPF228-7498
  • See NOTES below for Serial Number of Midmark M11 Autoclave This Part Fits

Fits: Manifold Block Assembly On Newer Style Units

Model This Part Fits: Midmark M11D Autoclaves With Serial # Prefixes RY, RZ & V

Also Available:

Included With Fill & Vent Valve Assembly Part # MIA137-7446

Note:  Midmark used a special valve on a few units that was produced by the Solenoid Solutions Company.  These valves ere not "Full Wave Rectified" 

The PC board does require the Fill & Vent valves to be Full Wave Rectified.  

To overcome this problem, rectifiers were added between the Valve & the board as shon in the picture below:

The Midmark Solenoid Solutions valve is no longer available.

The little black boxes (aka rectifiers) have to be removed when changing valves.  Throw them away. 

The valve should be wired directly to the board


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