Model: PCT042-157



Guaranteed High Quality Pelton Crane OCR PLUS Autoclave Repair Parts

Part #PCT042-157
Pelton Crane Part #004108


  • Rated: Open between 220° F and 350° F; Factory set at 295° F
  • Includes Thermostat, and (2) Terminal Screws

Fits: Tab On Heating Element

Model This Part Fits: Pelton Crane OCR PLUS Autoclaves

SERVICE TIP: Whenever changing heaters, change the Overheat Thermostat at the same time

The Pelton Crane OCR PLUS Over Heat Thermostat is a safety device, designed to cut the power to the heating elements when the temperature exceeds 295°F. The higher temperature causes the bi-metallic strips to seperate and break contact

The effect is the same as blowing a fuse, stopping electricity from flowing through the thermostat and onto the heating elements

Over time, these strips can get stuck in the closed position, which allows the heat to continue to rise unchecked. Or, they can get stuck open, stopping the power from continuing on to the heating elements

The Over Heat Thermostat can also lose it's calibration, causing erratic behavior (breaking the connection at lower temperatures, keeping your Pelton Crane OCR PLUS from reaching it's optimum temperature)

While The New Overheat Thermostats are Calibrated at the factory, they can sometimes be knocked around enough during shipping and handling to get out of Calibration. So, here is how to Calibrate it if necessary

Procedure For Setting The OCR PLUS Over Heat Thermostat

  1. After installing switch, run a 15 amp AC ammeter in power supply line.As alternate, run a 120-volt voltmeter across the center heating element terminals
  2. Starting from a cold condition, run a normal autoclaving cycle.
  3. Remove temperature control knob on front of machine and rotate shaft to maximum position (turn clockwise)
  4. Current should be on when machine is at 270°F (27 PSI). If not, turn adjustment screw in overheat thermostat switch counter-clockwise to restore current. Safety valve should have released if pressure goes to 35 PSI
  6. At 270° (27 PSI) turn screw clockwise until current is off (0 reading on meter used in #1 above). Then carefully turn screw counterclockwise until current starts up. Setting is now proper for switch if autoclave was started cold
  7. The switch is now set and needs no further adjustment. Return to the temperature control shaft (#3 above), turning it counter-clockwise until it is set at 270°:F (27 PSI). The knob can now be replaced
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