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Sentry Air Release Valve Seat

Model: PCS036-200



Guaranteed Quality Pelton Crane OCM Autoclave Repair Parts

Part #PCS036-200
OEM Part #004018



  • 6 per package


Fits: Air Valve Housing

Is Your Air Release Valve Seat Defective? Remove the bellows assembly and using a flashlight, look inside the air vlave housing. If it is dirty, take a damp cotton swab and clean the seat.

Then, inspect the air release valve seat for wear & tear. If it is cracked, torn or chipped, it will need to be replaced

Warning: This can be a very difficult procedure. The Air Release Valve Seat can be difficult to install if you have the factory original Air Valve housing. When Pelton Crane made these housings, they included a little lip inside the housing to hold the air valve release seat in place.

And that lip is the problem. It gets in the way of installing the new seat. It will take some patience to complete this repair.

The lips have been removed on the replacement air valve housings. So if you are short on patience and/or time......just replace the entire housing with the right one for your unit  

Notes: Service Tip: When referring to air valve housings, a round reservoir uses a pipe tap and a square reservoir uses a straight tap.

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