Statim 2000 Parts Listing

Statim 2000 Parts List



Statim 2000 Part Name Statim 2000 Part Number (OEM) AllClaveParts Part Number
Air Compressor Kit 01-100560S SCK020-383
Armature 01-100561S Call
Barb Tee Kit #01-108152S RPB703-4006
Biological Filter 01-102119S SCF032-3820
Boiler (Steam Generator) 01-100726S Not Available
Bubble Level 01-100684S SCL012-4004
Bumper (Stationary Leg) 01-1007805 Call
Cable Clamp Kit 01-108152S RPC701-6487
Cable Holder #01-108152S RPC702-4143
Cassette - Complete 01-1000008A SCC2-6177
Cassette Lid (With Seal) 01-1008345 Call
Cassette Seal 01-100028S SCS001-241
Cassette Tray 01-103475S Call
Cassette Tray w/Mesh Rack 1002724S Call
Check Valve Kit 01-100574S SCK011-246
Compressor 01-100560S SCK020-383
Compressor Filter 01-100207S SCF002-376
Condensor Waste Bottle Kit 01-100812S SCK016-381
Condensor Waste Bottle With Lid 01-100724S SCB018-373
Copper Tubing Kit 01-109128S SCK048-6486
Cord Clip None Given ADC058-353
Cover Complete 01-1005645 Call
Cover wo/Facia 01-101611S Call
Display Assembly (LCD) 01-109494S (Display only) SCA022-6483
Display LCD Kit 01-104381S (Display Only) SCK062-6484
Drain Kit With Pump Filter 01-106637S SCK037-4013
Exhaust Tubing Kit 01-100204S SCK017-382
Facia Complete 01-100563S Call
Facia Gasket 01-100842S SCG009-378
Fascia Without LCD Display 01-103518S Call
Fuse None Given RPF060-357
Fuse None Given RPF061-358
Fuse 01-103472S RPF071-359
Isoplate 01-103856S Call
Keypad (Older Style - 1 Piece) (Serial # Ending In A 01-101707S SCK015-245
Keypad (Newer Style - 2 Piece) Model #01-121101 01-109680S SCK041-4015
Display LCD Kit 01-104381S SCK062-6484
Leveler Leg 01-101553S RPF362-360
Metering Tube (290) 01-108816S SCT053-6215
Micro Switch Kit 01-100571S SCK007-380
PCB (PC Control Board) 01-103540S Not Available
Packaging (Box) 01-101629S Call
Power Cord With Strain Relief 01-100572S SCK025-244
Power Cord With Terminals None Given RPC288-356
Power Cord (Left Angle) 01-101647S RPC291-989
Power Switch 01-100573S SCS023-387
Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) 74-100294A SCV004-389
Probe Alignment Jig 01-106776S SCT052-6302
Probe Bracket Kit 01-100570S SCB039-6300
Probe Bracket Gasket 01-100865S SCG010-6479
Push In Fitting 01-100782S RPF363-243
Reservoir Cap (Filler Cap) 01-101783S SCC060-6378
Reservoir Cap & Filter Assembly 01-101783S/01-109300S (Filter only) SCK059-6380
Reservoir w/Float 01-100565S Call
Reservoir w/Sensor 01-103107S Call
Solenoid Valve - Complete 01-100557S Call
Solenoid Plunger Repair Kit 01-100998S SCK003-379
Solenoid Coil Repair Kit 01-104303S SCC005-374
Stat Dri Plus&trade 2OZPLUS SCA054-6141
Sterilizer PM Kit 01-100028S (Gasket only) SCK035-3826
Strain Relief 53-100518A RPB365-355
Spanner Nut Tool 01-103471S RPT364-369
Thermal Fuse 01-104461S SCF006-377
Water Conductivity Tester 01-103139S RPT820-6386
Water Filter 01-109300S SCF061-6379
Water Pump (Software Rev 6.4 Or Older) 01-100568S SCP050-6209
Water Pump (Software Rev 7.0 & Above) 01-110445S SCP051-6213
Water Pump Tester Bottle 01-100713S SCK024-384
Water Quality Sensor 01-103571S Call widget logo