Statim 2000 KEYPAD (Two-Piece)

Statim 2000 KEYPAD (Two-Piece)

Model: SCK041-4015



Guaranteed Quality Statim Autoclave Repair Parts

Part #SCK041-4015
Statim Part #01-109680S

KEYPAD (2 Piece Style)

  • 1 set of 2 pieces
  • See Notes below for serial numbers this part fits

Fits: Fascia Cover

Model This Part Fits: Statim 2000 Series Autoclaves

Notes: This part fits SciCan model 2000 Serial #01-121101 (New Type, Two Piece Style)



How To Know Which Statim 2000 Keypad You Have

We have made it easy for you to know for sure which keypad is on your sterilizer

It's As Simple As......What Is The Shape Of The Buttons?

If Your Keypad Has Round Buttons, Then You Have The 2 Piece Keypad SCK041-4015

But If Your Keypad Has Square Or Rectangular Buttons, Then You Have The 1 Piece Keypad SCK015-245







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