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Model: SCK003-518



Guaranteed High Quality Statim 5000 Replacement Parts

Part #SCK003-518
OEM Part #01-100998S


  • Plunger With Rubber Insert
  • O-ring
  • Spring
  • Shading Disk
  • (See Service Tip below:)

Fits: Solenoid valve
Model(s) This Part Fits: Statim 5000 Autoclave

Notes: SERVICE TIP: To avoid damaging the autoclave, it is recommended to use the Spanner Nut Tool Part # RPT364-509 or the Double Ended Spanner Wrench

Simply Slide The Spanner Nut Tool Over The Valve Stem, Align The "Pegs" On The Spanner Nut With The Holes In The Plate and turn the Spanner Nut Tool Counter-Clockwise With A Wrench. Makes The Removal & Installation Of The Solenoid Valve Plunger Kit Fast, Easy & Simple! (And Saves You A Lot Of Money)



Statim Solenoid Plunger Repair Made Simple With The Spanner Nut Tool



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