Statim 5000 Probe Bracket Installation Guide

How To Install The Statim Probe Bracket
Part #SCB043-6306
On Statim 5000 Autoclaves

Diagram Instructions
Aligning The Statim Cassette Seperate cassette tray from cassette lid. Place lid on counter top and remove cassette seal. Cassette seal must be removed before continuing with Alignment Tool installation

Alignment Tool Installation Instructions

  1. Tilt cassette lid and install Alignment Tool (Part #SCT052-6307 into steam ports from the inside of the cassette lid as shown. The square tabs on the tool must engage the square notches in the cassette lid, and the tool must lay flat within the cassette seal groove. The Alignment Tool must be seated correctly to avoid damaging the tray when latched and closed

    CAUTION: Ensure that the Alignment Tool is properly installed before closing cassette lid or damage can occur

  2. Carefully attach the bottom tray to cassette lid and close to properly retain the Alignment Tool. Cassette lid should close normally and retain the Alignment Tool. DO NOT FORCE IT CLOSED!
  3. Cassette is now ready to be used to align probe bracket steam ports
Aligning The Statim Cassette

Probe Bracket Kit Installation Instructions

  1. Slowly insert the cassette into the cassette bay (armature). As the cassette approaches the probe bracket (still loosely installed), adjust the bracket assembly up and down and sideways until probe bracket steam ports and cassette engage easily. Once properly inserted, the spring bar should engage and lock the cassette into position. A 'click' will be heard and felt
  2. Lightly snug the probe bracket mounting screws. Move the cassette in and out several times to ensure proper alignment. Leave the cassette in the engaged position. Now tighten mounting screws to retain bracket position. The probe bracket assembly is now aligned and ready for use
  3. Remove Alignment Tool. Reinstall or replace Cassette Seal Part #SCS029-247 using the Liquid Soap Part included with the probe brackets. For additional information regarding the care and maintenance the cassette seal, see "Installation and Monthly Maintenance Guide" supplied with our Cassette Seals
  1. Disconnect the power to the autoclave and remove the cover
  2. Disconnect existing plumbing, thermocouple and microswitch. Then remove probe bracket assembly using 9/64" Hex Balldriver Part #RPT836-6308
  3. Remove Probe Bracket Gasket completely, prepare surface and install new Probe Bracket Gasket Part #SCG010-8157 Included with our Kit
  4. If reusing existing Microswitch Part #SCK007-6197, clean silicone adhesive from switch housing. Apply Silicone Gasket Maker Part #RPS639-8240) or any silicone adhesive to side of switch which mounts to bracket angle. Attach Microswitch to probe bracket. Apply a sealing bead of Gasket Maker around switch housing to close off any leak paths between switch housing and bracket
  5. Remove and discard protective tubing from steam ports and re-install new probe bracket assembly, leave mounting screws loose for port fitting alignment
  6. Remove Cassette Seal from cassette. Start with any of the (4) corners and begin prying the Cassette Seal loose using the Cassette Seal Removal Tool Part #RPT372-510 or other suitable tool. Once the first corner is free, take hold of the Cassette Seal and pull down and out in order to remove it from the cassette groove. Be careful not to tear the (2) locating tabs in each corner of the Cassette Seal. Thoroughly clean entire seal groove
  7. Install Cassette Alignment Tool into cassette (see Alignment Tool Installation Instructions Below) and align steam port fittings (see Alignment instructions below) on New Probe Bracket Part #SCB043-6306 (NOTE: If using OEM alignment tool, consult OEM's instructions)
  8. After alignment of probe bracket steam ports, re-install plumbing and Thermocouple Part #SCT030-4017. Thermocouple tip must be properly bent and installed (Click Here For Instructions)
  9. Installation is now complete
  10. Reconnect the ribbon cables from the cover to the main PC board. For ease of testing use the Extension Test Cable Part #SCT026-527
  11. Connect to power and run a few test cycles looking for steam leaks.
  12. NOTE:During the test cycle, it is normal to hear a hissing sound at first. The sound is from the excess liquid soap expelling and the cassette seal seating in place
  13. Coat the entire inside of cassette with Sci-Dry™ Part #SCA054-6141
  14. Re-install cover. Sterilizer is now ready to be put back into service widget logo