(image for) 3870E DOOR GASKET (Door Seal)

3870E DOOR GASKET (Door Seal)

Model: TUG074-2146



Tuttnauer 3870E Autoclave Parts - Guaranteed High Quality

Picture of the Cross Section of the 3870E Door Gasket Part #TUG074-2146
Tuttnauer Part #2610019


Design & Construction

  • Constructed of Premium Quality Red Silicone
  • High Durability
  • Easy Installation


  • 15.945" Outside Diameter

Cross Section Shape: Trapezoid (The "Cross Section" Is The Shape You Would See If You Were To Cut The Gasket & Look at the Cut End)

Easy Maintenance: Simply Wipe the Door Gasket with a Damp Cloth or Sponge.....You May Use a Mild Soapy Solution if You Like

Fits: Door

Model This Door Gasket Fits: Tuttnauer 3870E Autoclave



Are You Looking For A Guaranteed High Quality, Premium Door Gasket? Then This Is The Gasket For You!


Recommended Replacement:




  • Tuttnauer Recommends the Door Gasket be Replaced Every 12 Months (Every 6 Months if Heavy Use)

This Door Gasket is Included in The Tuttnauer 3870E Preventative Maintenance Kit. The PM Kit also includes all other parts recommended for Annual Replacement By Tuttnauer

Indications of a Faulty Door Gasket:

  • Steam Leaking Around The Perimeter of the Door
  • To Confirm the Door Gasket is The Problem, Simply Rotate the Gasket & Try Another Cycle. If The Steam Leak Follows The Turning Of The Gasket, Then it is Defective & Needs To Be Replaced

How To Install The Tuttnauer 3870E Door Gasket

  • Remove the old door gasket. Clean the gasket groove and chamber face ring surface
  • Note: The Thicker (or Tallest) Side Of The Door Gasket Goes Into The Door Groove
  • For easy install of the new gasket, use the "star" or "North-South-East-West" method
    • Begin by installing the gasket at the top of the door (North)
    • Then the bottom (South)
    • Then the left side (West)
    • Then the right side (East)
    • And then eveything in between making sure that the gasket fits flush without bumps or gaps)
"Tuttnauer 3870E Autoclave Repair Made Simple"
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