(image for) 3870EA AIR VALVE ASSEMBLY (3mm) (Blue Dot)

3870EA AIR VALVE ASSEMBLY (3mm) (Blue Dot)

Model: TUV081-7632



Guaranteed High Quality Tuttnauer Autoclave Repair Parts Tuttnauer Autoclave Air Valve Assembly

Part #TUV081-7632
Tuttnauer Part #01810101

AIR VALVE ASSEMBLY (3mm)(BLUE DOT) Look For The Blue Dot On The Solenoid Valve You Are Replacing

  • 3mm orifice
  • 1/4 FPT ports
  • Brass Body
  • EPDM seal
  • See notes below:

Fits: Air-vent/Exhaust Valve

Model This Part Fits: Tuttnauer 3870EA Autoclaves

Notes: Includes



Tuttnauer Solenoid Valve Exploded View



Tuttnauer Autoclave Repair: Solenoid Valves - 3mm or 6mm?

The 3mm and 6mm designation on Tuttnauer autoclaves denotes the size of the plunger inside the Solenoid Valves

The easiest way to know which you are working with, is to look for a blue or green dot on the valve. If the dot is Blue, then it is a 3mm valve. If the dot is green, then it is a 6mm

If the dot is missing, you will need to disassemble the valve, remove the plunger and then measure it

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