(image for) EZ9 DOOR CLOSING DEVICE Model: CT220010-9322

EZ9 DOOR CLOSING DEVICE Model: CT220010-9322

Model: TUC999-9322



Part Number CT220010-9322
Tuttnauer Part Number CT220010

Tuttnauer Closing Device - Complete

Fits: Door
Model This Part Fits: Tuttnauer EZ9 Autoclaves

Factory Original - This is NOT an aftermarket product!

How To Replace Your Tuttnauer Door Closing Device
(It's Easier Than You Might Think)


  1. Using c-clip pliers remove the top and bottom C-clips from the Hinge Pin (See Inset below)
  2. Remove the Hinge Pin and Closing Device
  3. Inspect the Hinge Pin by rolling it along a flat surface and observing any irregularities in its movement (If the Hinge Pin does not move straight and true then replace it)
  4. Inspect the C-clips. If any signs of damage or distortion are present, replace the C-clips
  5. Install the new Closing Device so that the open end of the Closing Bridge C-clip is facing down
  6. Position the Closing Device on the Hinge and insert the Hinge Pin
  7. Place a Teflon Washers on each end of the Hinge Pin, inside the Closing Bridge
  8. Install C-clips on the top and bottom of the Hinge Pin

WARNING Failure to install c-clips on the top and bottom of the Hinge Pin can result in the Hinge Pin sliding out of the Hinge. This will result in the failure of the safety locking system to maintain the Chamber seal, which can result in personal injury.

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