(image for) Sci-Dry Dryng Agent 2 oz Spray Bottle (For Tuttnauer Autoclaves)

Sci-Dry Dryng Agent 2 oz Spray Bottle (For Tuttnauer Autoclaves)

Model: SCA054-9120



Guaranteed Quality Tuttnauer Parts

Part #SCA054-9119

SCI-DRY(2 oz.)

  • Drying and rinse agent
  • (1) 2 oz. spray bottle

Model This Part Fits: Tuttnauer Autoclaves

Fact: Handling wet pouches will allow the bacteria on your hands to "wick" into the pouch and compromise the sterility. They should be completely dry before handling them

Sci-Dry helps remove water from the items being sterilized. it contains chemicals called surfactants, which lowers the surface tension of water. So instead of forming droplets, the water spreads into thinner sheets that roll right off your instruments. Ultimately, this means that your sterilized instruments will dry much more quickly & thoroughly.

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